Chapter 1

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Michael's Pov

         "Hey man, ready to go?" My brother Luke said to me. We are about to leave to go to the famous Babygirl Auction. He is the one who introduced me into ddlg, he has his own babygirl. Speaking of his babygirl. 

 "Hi daddy! Uncle Mikeyyy" She skipped into the kitchen and Luke picked her up and sat her on his hip. 

"Hey babygirl" He smiled and kissed her nose. She giggled softly and placed her head into his neck. "Baby, I gotta go, me and uncle Mike are going to find him a babygirl so he can be as happy as me. Okay cutie?" She smiled and nodded then got out of his grip and ran off after he playfully swatted at her bum.

Luke nodded his head to the door and we walked out the door towards my car. "The car seat is ready, right?"  He nodded and we hopped in the car.


Lulu's POV

 Today was the babygirl auction and I was in it. I was a little nervous but very happy because I really want a daddy. I am scared because what if I get a mean before. I was number 6, wearing a pastel pink dress with white thigh-highs. I was carrying my stuffie,  beary, with me. I had my hair in one side pony-tail and had a paci in my mouth. Some of the other babygirls weren't real little's, I even heard them talking about how they were in it for dirty stuff. 

"Welcome to the 11th annual babygirl auction!!" I heard the announcer say into the microphone. Oh, well here goes nothing.

Michael's POV (I promise I wont change POV this much, mainly this chapter. SORRY LOVES)

 Luke and I arrived at the building in about 10 minutes. We sat down in the front know, I had my number which was 46. I hope to find my babygirl, Luke came with me just for support. 

"Welcome to the 11th annual babygirl auction!!" Next thing you know all the doms are cheering and "wooing". "Here is our first babygirl..." blah blah they weren't fitting my interest until number 6..

"Here we have number 6..she is a virgin this one.. " he chuckled quietly. "Cmon babe, it is okay" The most beautiful little girl came on stage. (IKIK ITS CLICHE IM SOWWWWWYYYY) she looked shy and walked in with her head down, watching her toes.

"We will start the bid at...$1,000" My hand instantly shot up. I turned to Luke.

 "I want her." He smiled and nodded as if to say 'I approve.'

"1,000 Anyone higher for this precious little?" 


I had to have her

"$40,000" everyone gasped.

"$40,000 going once...twice...SOLD! to number 46!" I smiled happily and walked towards the front of the stage holding my arms open for my new babygirl. She giggled softly and walked over to me and jumped in my arms.

"Hey babygirl" I smiled and held her on my hip.

"Hi hi..daddy" She blushed and hid her face in my neck.

"That's right princess. I am your daddy." I rub her back up and down slowly with my hand walking towards my car. 

"Hey baby, Uncle Luke is going to drive and I will sit in the back with you since its your first day. After today you have to sit in your car seat, is that okay baby?" She looked up and nodded.

"Otay daddy! Can I sit in your lap? I pwomise I will be a good girl." she started playing with her fingers giving me the pouty face.

"Yes of course baby" she giggled and hugged me tightly.

"YAYYAYAY" me and Luke chuckled. I sat in the car and picked her up by her waist and sat her petite body in my lap.

 "So, babygirl, when we get home we will go over everything. Okay, princess?" I said as she stared at my bright red hair. She looked at me in the eyes and nodded

"Yes daddy"


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