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I was smiling ear to ear. The Ministry had approved it with that one final meeting. I could now be called a somewhat Muggle. I got into my new-to-me car and lovingly slammed the door. I had been working for this moment since 2000. Wow, 8 years. It took me 8 years to convince them. 8 years of training, but it was worth it.

I pulled out the Muggle's drivers license they had made for me: A non moving picture of myself smiled back as if to say "You did it!" I stuffed it back into my bag and pulled out the address of the appartment they had found for me. Slowly, I read: Bullet Street, Building Number 147, Apartment #42.

Okay, I thought, taking a deep breath. I hit the break and put the car into 1st gear. Then, I hit the gas.

"AHH!" I exclaimed as the vehicle lurched me forward at an alarming rate. I hit the break, almost making my body hit aganist the steering wheel. The horn blasted.


I raised up, a little shocked. This driving thing was a little harder than it looked. I tried again, hitting the gas easily this time, and had better results. The car creeped forward slowly and easily. Relaxing a bit, I hit the break in the middle of the street and dived back into my bag and grabbed the CD my best friend, Rufus, had somehow gotten me for this occasion. I stuck it in the CD player that was on the dashboard.

"Jelicle Cats, oh Jeclicle Cats!" I sang along, hitting the gas again. And thus my journey into the Muggle world begun.

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