Chapter 2

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18 years later...

Lily POV

Looking out the window, waving goodbye to my parents and brothers, I felt sad as realization hit me - this was my last train ride to Hogwarts.

It was my 7th year, which meant final exams and a very busy year.

I looked down at the shiny badge pinned to my robes on which the words 'Head Girl' were engraved so elegantly.

Yep. A VERY busy year.

Suddenly, a chocolate frog jumped on my window and snapped me out of my thoughts.


There stood my bestfriend and cousin, Rose Weasley, with her brother, Hugo. Behind them was my boyfriend Rayne Wilson.

"ROSE!!", I stood up to give Rose and Hugo a hug each as Rayne planted a kiss on my lips. He was seriously one of the sweetest, unlike his twin, Leslie Wilson. Wonder why she always seemed to hate me?

Just then, a knock pulled us apart.

A boy with platinum blonde hair was standing. Beautiful grey eyes, high cheekbones. A smirk on his lips. A very very muscular body. Scorpius Malfoy A.K.A. The Slytherin Sex God, of course. No wonder all the girls at Hogwarts fell at his feet. He was indeed very handsome.

Not that I would ever say that aloud to inflate his already huge ego.

I trailed down and found a shiny badge similar to mine on his robes saying 'Head Boy'. I gasped.

Smirking even more, he said, "Sorry if I'm interrupting, but Mc'Gonagall wants to speak to us, dear Head Girl."

Quietly I followed him as he lead both of us to the Headmistress's Compartment.

Mc'Gonagall saw us and gestured us to sit down, then spoke, "Hello Mr. Malfoy, Miss Potter. I'm pleased to have chosen you two as Head Boy and Head Girl for this year. You two are undoubtedly the best choices for these prestigious posts looking at your academic and Quidditch achievements all these years. You will be allowed to take away or give points...", she continued briefing us on our duties.


Both of us nodded in response.

"Good, now you two may return to your compartments. "

As we two were getting up to leave, Mc'Gonagall said, "Stop! My apologies, I forgot one last detail. There is a new rule this year. "

"Yes, Professor?", asked Malfoy to continue.

"You two will be sharing a dorm together."

Both of us looked at each other, horror and shock written on our faces before we shouted together - "BLOODY HELL!".


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