No one ever does live happily ever after

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I'm sitting on one of the uncomfortable chairs in the hospital and I'm thinking about everything that has happened.

1. Theo attacked my dad. He's probably dying. I don't know where they took him. 

2. Scott blames me for trying to survive. oh god! Scott! I HATE HIM! Well I don't hate him. I think......I don't know.

3. Theo called me Void. Which is totally out of place because I'm not Void anymore, right? NO! This is something I know for sure. I AM NOT VOID.

4. Malia broke up with me.............or I broke up with her. or how the hell ever does that work. And I really like her (maybe even more) but I feel like we were falling apart ever since THEO came.

I guess I had to fall asleep because the next thing I know is Mellisa kneeling in front of me and trying to wake me up. Well then I obviously fell asleep. Stiles, come on don't be stupid. I can't hold it in me anymore. I have to ask: "Is he ok? He's not dead right? Oh, please tell  me he's not dead." She just smiles. She is actually smiling. Everything is fu........messed up up and she is smiling? But then she gives me a reason to smile too. "He is going to be just fine." Oh my god! He's okay. That's one less thing to worry about. What am i saying? He is the only thing I should worry about. Okay. From now on He's the only thing I care about. No Scott, No Malia, No Lydia, No Dread Doctors, No Theo or chimeras. Just my dad. Because I'm still human after all.

Are you sure about that?

Suddenly I hear a voice. It sounds familiar but I just can't rememb....and then it hits me.

I came for Void Stiles.

NO,NO,No. He's not here. It's just me in my head. "Stiles?"I hear another voice. But this one is from outside. Not in my head. I look up and Melissa is still there: "Are you OK?" Am I? I think I'm going crazy again but this time the normal way of craziness. "Yeah. Where is he? Can I see him? Is he awake?" Of course He's not awake, you dumbass. "No, he's asleep..." Don't you say. "Actually in a coma." Wait. What? Is it pity in her eyes? Oh no! Now I'm on my own. Not permanently of course because I know he's going to wake up. He has to. "And I think you need some sleep too. you don't seem to be even here right now. Are you sure you're ok?" Now I can't hold my tears back. I lost everything tonight (almost). She sits down next to me and hugs me. "Shh. It's going to be okay. Your dad is going to be okay. And so is Scott." What? Why wouldn't Scott be okay? What happened to him?" 

Why do you even care? He doesn't care about you. He cares more about Liam and Theo.

There it was. The voice again. I look around looking for someone.......something?  But there's no one..........well if I don't count the patients, doctors, nurses and so on. "Stiles?"Mellisa asks me worriedly. "I'm fine. I think I'll stay here. I don't want to leave my dad." Then Mellisa goes into a mother mood and says: "Oh no. You're not staying here." I look at her and I don't know but I'm getting angry.

Why is she giving you orders? 

That voice is getting annoying. But it has a point. "Why are you giving me orders?" She looks surprised and then confused.

She is not your mother.

"You're not my mother." And there it is the pity again. "Stiles, I know this is hard for you but you can't push us away. We can help you with this." What the hell is she talking about? "What? a) I didn't push anyone away. They LEFT."  And I think about Malia and how I left her in a car even though we promised no to leave each other. NO, focus. Your dad is important. You don't need anybody else.  "b)You want to help? Then wake my dad.But I guess that's not possible unless you have possessed some weird powers which I wouldn't be surprised about. But the only one who could do something is Scott and he didn't, doesn't and won't do anything because he is too afraid of losing his own powers that he doesn't care about people who need to be helped." I yelled at her. I don't know why I was yelling or why I'm so angry but when I see how hurt she looks it makes me feel  guilty. "I'm so so so sorry."  I say right away. "Is that what you really think of him? That he's selfish? because he tries to help. He really does. But he can't save everyone." Well congratulations Stiles. You just made the only one (awake) who you had left.......leave. And again tears. Oh god. I hate crying. I feel weak. Well..........weaker than I already am.

Oh, come on Stiles. We both know that you're not weak. If you were weak you wouldn't have been able to beat the shit out of Theo.

"I didn't..." I realize that I said this out loud.  "What?" Mellisa looks worried. And I don't need her to worry about me. "Stiles you should go home and get some rest."

And again......orders

I grab my head and say: "Oh, shut up." Mellisa looks hurt but I guess she figured out that I'm  not talking to her and holds my hand. "What's wrong? What do you hear?" What the hell do you want?I thought to myself or him...........or whatever. Suddenly it hits me like a wave. Whispers, screams, buzzing.......hunger. But I guess it has something to do with the fact that I haven't eaten in like two days. It.s not important right now. So........I can see Mellisa's mouth moving but I can't hear abything except for the voices. They are unbearable. If this is what Lydia hears everytime when someone's about to die then I definitely do not want to be a Banshee. Then it all slows down and i can actualy hear what the voices are saying.

You think you have any moves at all?

I'm thousands years old. You can't kill me!

What has neck but no head?

Let me in.

Everyone has it but no one can lose it.

Chaos has come again.

You really have to learn not to trust a fox.

I came for Void Stiles.

"JUST STOP!! I yell and open my eyes {When did I close them?} and I can see everyone looking at me like I'm crazy. "Stiles?" Mellisa asks carefully. "It's okay. You're safe. Come o, I should drive you home." I don't have the strength to argue with her. She takes my hand and leads me to her car. She opens a door to her car and I unexpectedly sit down. She then walks to the driver seat and starts the car. While She is driving she keeps looking at me worriedly. "Look" she starts. "I know you really don't want to do this but I have to go back to work and I'm not going to let you at your house all by yourself after this."  What? "What are you saying?" She looks at me carefully well.....she is STILL looking at me carefully. "I'm saying I'm not taking you to your house. I'm taking you to mine. And you'll have to stay there with Scott." she said...........surprisingly carefully."What? NO! I'm not staying there with HIM! It's his fault that all this happened in the first place." Now she finally stops looking at me carefully but now she is angry. "No it's not and you know it. He did his best so stop blaming him. He almost died tonight............well he DIED tonight." I have to use it again: Wait! What? 

He deserved it.

I hear the voice say. I don't know why but it doesn't make me feel guilty or sad. It makes me feel satisfied. "That's his own fault. I told him not to trust Theo and what did he do? He trusted Theo.........WOW. Did you expect that? because I didn't" I said sarcastically.  "And he's doing that all the time. He trust someone else. But I have enough of this. He always chooses some stranger instead of me and this is what he got in return." She's looking at me with sad eyes. I realize that we're not moving anymore. I look out of the window and I see that the car is standing in McCall's driveway. And I see Scott in the window. He's probably heard everything. "Well.........You have a chance to tell this to him yourself. And you should also tell him about what happened in the hospital." She unlocks the door so I can get out. I'm thinking about running away but........... "Oh, and don't think about running away because I'll wait here until you're inside. Now go." I sight. Ok lets do this. I didn't realize that I already got out of the car and now I'm opening the front door with my key.

You should get rid of it.

And the voice is right. I'll think about it later. I look up and see Scott now standing on the stairs. I don't know why but all I feel towards him is hatred and that scares me.

"Hi" he starts

Soooooo this is the very first chapter. I hope liked it. And please be honest with me and tell me if it's good or bad. Thank you. I also don't know how often I'll be updating. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after......maybe never. Who knows? Also I'm trying to think like Stiles and please tell me if I'm good at that thank you. :D Thanks for your time and attention.