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So I finnaly decided to write a story. It's a Teen Wolf fanfiction (obviously) and about Stiles (more obvious) and It's going to be set after season 5A and before 5B so hopefully no spoilers (I hope).Reason I'm trying to write this story: I didn't like what happened at the beginning of season 5B so I'm going to change that. Because I don't like that Stiles forgives Scott so fast and Theo said He came for Void Stiles and then.....nothing(oooups spoiler. :) sorry)

 It's not going to be only about STYDIA or STALIA or STEREK (BUT Derek might come back). Another BUT There's a huge part for SCILES friendship (because I love it.) But Stiles will hate him......for some reason (I'm not going to tell you why (Even though you probably already know the reason)) and only time will show if he forgives him or not;). It also depends on the fact that I can change my mind and delete this story. We'll see. So if you like it then read and maybe the first chapter will come out tommorow. WOW long speech. Ok thanks for your time and attention. 

...OUUU and I almost forgot... :)... None of the characters belonges to me. It's all created by Jeff Davis and thanks for his briliant mind that gave us another world, another adventure, another escape from reality, and thanks for DYLAN O'BRIEN who playes Stiles. so that's it. We'll see what happenes tommorow. :)