Bonus Chapter 2/2

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"Said she in love with that pole
She so in love with that pole
She love wakin up, love wakin up, wakin up with that doe
I love it when she come home all the way drunk and all the way throwed
Said 'boy be on that way, so you know I be on that road
Got that drink up in my cup but that don't mean that I move slow
Drank up in my cup but that don't mean that I fuck slow'"

Rod bit his lip as the music started. He was at his honeymoon. He was blind folded, couldn't see a thing. He was in Hawaii, the place Mariah had been wanting to go since she was a kid.

The lights were dim, he could hear the tapping of heels against the ground. He sighed, sitting back against the chair in the room. He lifted his head, he could feel the presence of someone in front of him. Mariah sat on his lap, right on his dick.

Her soft hands grabbed his, putting them on her hips. Her hips moved to the beat of the music, she moved his hands to her bare stomach and over her thighs. The smell of her perfume making Rod more excited, but he continued to enjoy hisself. She moved his hands to her wet and warm pus*y. He bit his bottom lip as he moved his fingers up and down her covered core.

She arched into him, her hands around his neck. She moved away from him before his blind fold was gone.

Riah blew on his ear, licking around his ear piercing as he bit his lip.

"Watch me." Her voice whispered, so quiet he almost didn't hear her. As soon as he caught the words 'R.J.' on the back of his woman's neck, a grin crossed his face. The diamond on her finger gleamed--she was all his. Mariah sat on his lap, facing him. Her lips went to his neck, while she grinded against him.

Rod's hands went to her waist as he held her to him, her hips moving against him. He followed her rhythm, so they were moving together. His dick strained against the fabric of his jeans, rubbing against her thin boy shorts.

Mariah's hands went to his shirt, yanking it off to reveal his bare chest. Rod looked down at her body, licking his lips. She wore black lace boy shorts with a matching bra, her breast ready to pop out. After giving birth, her thighs had got thicker, her breast fuller, and her ass bigger.

Before he could try to remove one of the pieces of lingerie, the blind fold was put back on his eyes.

"Mariah." Rod whispered as her lips left his neck but her body still sat on his lap.

Something cold drizzled down his neck and on to his chest, her warm lips were back on his neck. She sucked the wine off of his neck, licking from his chest til she was on her knees, looking at the outline of his d*ck.

Mariah grabbed the zipper of his jeans, zipping it open. Rod raised his hips -- allowing her to pull them down his hips. His senses were heightened, he could hear Mariah's soft breathing and the sound and feel of her pulling his d*ck from the slit in his boxers.

"Shit." Rod hissed as something cold drizzled down his shaft. Mariah licked the chocolate from her thumb before she leaned forward, taking the head of Rod's d*ck into her mouth. She sucked the chocolate from the head of his d*ck, pulling back to lick his shaft. Rod groaned as he tangled his fingers through Mariah's short hair.

He licked his lips as Mariah ran her tongue over the sensitive side of his d*ck. He reached back to untie the blind fold. He moaned when he looked down, the blind fold gone. Mariah's thick lips were wrapped around the head of his d*ck, her tongue licking around it.

She sucked harder, relaxing her jaw as she pushed her mouth further down his shaft. Rod watched as Mariah deep-throated him, his mouth slightly open as his head fell back in pleasure.

She pulled back, kissing the tip and they both finally noticed the song changed as It Won't Stop started playing.

"That don't mean a thing no oh
So I hop up in your ride
Ooh its hot as hell outside
Got the top down
With the doors off
With your hand on my thigh
Drive slow ooh
Take your time

Every little thing you do got me feeling some type of way (way)
When you gimme that thunder you make my summer rain
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh [2x])
Everyday everyday

And it wont stop
Oh oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

Rod grabbed her sitting her on his lap, her back to his front. He moved her panties to the side--the cool air hitting her core. Rod moved his finger to her clít, rubbing it in a circular motion.

She moaned softly, arching against him. Rod stood her up before standing up, picking her up. He pushed down his pants, before stepping out of them. He laid on his back once he got on the bed. Mariah leaned down, kissing his lips as he grabbed her hips, grinding her against his d*ck.

Mariah moaned as the tip rubbed against her cl*t. She grabbed his shaft, sitting up before sliding it into her core.

He put his hands against her hips, moaning lowly at the feel of her. Their fingers interlaced as Mariah started moving as Rod admired the pleasure on her face. His eyes glanced down at the tattoo of his name on her lower stomach, near her hip. This time it was his whole name in cursive, the ink was still healing though.

"I love you." He groaned as he looked back into her brown eyes..


Migos: Pronto was playing through the stereos. Terrence, Suan, Rod, and Zane rocking their heads to the music.

Rod pressed on the brakes softly, stopping at the red light. Suan rolled down the window a lil, letting the smoke he was holding out.

"Fucking wit the money pronto, I need my cash on time pronto. Tell the plug pull up pronto, ASAP, right now, Pronto, Pronto, Prontooo." Zane rapped along as Suan handed the smoke - putting it between his lips - holding it between his thumb and pointer finger.

Rod impatiently waited for the light to turn green while he started texting Mariah. She was sending him pictures and pictures of her, she told him she felt pretty today.

He called her, putting the phone between his shoulder and ear while he turned down the music a little.

"So you feelin' pretty today?" Rod asked as the light finally turned green.

Mariah chuckled, "I wanna look pretty fa' you."

Rod and the boys had been out of town, handling business. They were in Atlanta, still having a few hours left of their drive.

"You always look pretty." He replied as he picked up his soda, taking a sip of it while he kept one hand on the wheel and one holding the Mountain Dew.

"I know I do," She responded while he laughed, "Riley miss you."

"Tell lil man wassup."

"Here." Mariah said before he head fumbling and his baby boy.

"Nyahyah." Riley said, trying to say Nyomi, well that was what Rod thought.

"What NyNy doin, lil man?" Rod responded, talking to his five-month old son.

He heard more fumbling before Nyomi's voice filled his ear, "Hey, daddy."

Rod grinned, he always did when Ny called him that.

"What you doin, baby girl?" He asked.

"Helping mommy clean up." She told him, "I miss you."

"I miss you too, Ny."

"Mommy wanna talk to you."

"Lemme talk to her." He pulled into the gas station before Mariah's voice filled his ears again.

"Where you at?" Mariah asked.

"ATL." He told her as he reached in his pocket, pulling out two twenty's since it was his turn to pay for gas this time.

"You don't suppose to drive and talk, Raheim!" Mariah argued, "What if yo ass hit somebody?"

Rod sighed, "Calm down, Riah."

Mariah sighed too, "Be safe, ok? Come back to me in one piece."

"Aiight, baby. I love you."

"I love you too."

He hung up the phone to see both Zane and Terrence on the phone, a grin on their face. Suan got in the car, his phone next to his ear and a smirk on his face too.

Rod started up the car before he got back on the road.

"Suan, where my soda at?" Zane asked as he put his phone on the charger.

Suan smirked, "I forgot, bruh."

"The fuck you do with my money then?" Zane asked and Suan pulled out a bottle of orange fanta.. Both his and Zane's favorite.

Terrence chuckled before he laid back, putting his arm over his eyes.

"Nigga!" Zane shouted, reaching back to grab the soda out his hands.

Rod smirked.. It was fun to seem them all grow up together and now they all had a family.

Suan's phone rung, stopping him from moving the soda out of Zane's reach.

He answered his phone before a grin broke out on all their faces as the voice filled the car.

"Wassup, niggas?!" D joked playfully..


FIRST CHAPTER OF MY NEW STORY, Being the mistress.

Chapter 1: Jennifer's Secrets..

"I don't feel that way anymore." Jen told Callie as they sat in the living room, "It's like he doesn't acknowledge me anymore."

Callie bit her lip, tilting her head slightly, "Did he tell you this?"

"He shows it! We haven't had sex in two years! What man holds out that long?! I'm tired of buying batteries every month, Callie." Jen sighed, rubbing her forehead.

Jen was married to the love of her life since she was seventeen, Xander. Everything was perfect until they just stopped having sex. It wasn't a slow process it just instantly happened. She wondered if it was her body? To be twenty-five, she thought she had a great body. The sex was always good, not that she would remember how it felt anymore.

First, she tried lingerie, then pleasured herself right in front of his eyes then massaged his body, trying to give him a hand job - putting her mouth on his penis was a no no for her - only to be turned down with the ringing of his phone.

One day, he asked her to give him a blow job. She tried it.. She hated the taste, the gagging, and the fact that he was turned on by it. He tried to instruct her, telling her to relax her mouth only to end with her complaining about the pain of her jaw. He wanted her to swallow, she would rather drink toilet water. It was absolutely disgusting, he only went down on her two times, she hated that too.

She did find great pleasure from it but she just couldn't cum, he could lick and fučk her with his fingers and tongue for hours and it would and could never bring her to the big O. The sex was always good though sometimes he wanted to start off fast and she wanted to start off slow, making love first. Sometimes she had to grip his ass just to guide him to the speed she wanted it to be.

Maybe that's the reason, Jen thought. Maybe she was a little too dominating in bed and it made him feel like less of a man because he couldn't fučk her the way she wanted to be fućked.

"Have you checked his phone? Is he gay?" Callie asked as the front door was unlocked. Jen hurriedly shook her head while Callie mouthed 'get it!'

"Hey," Xander said as he walked in, kissing Jen's lips.

It was like it was in slow motion, she thought she saw tongue, them both swapping spit. For some reason it made her annoyed, wanting to throw the remote at them or better yet, the glass of orange juice in her hand.

Xander pulled back, licking his lips before he turned to Callie with a grin.. He was teasing her?, Callie thought.

"Hi Callie." He said, his eyes still on hers, still focusing on her movements. His eyes trailed up and down her body in a way that only Callie saw.. She must of been imagining things.

His eyes were lighter than brown but darker than hazel, his lips juicy, his curly short hair just asking her to run her fingers through it. He was in a white shirt, black jeans, and black polo boots.

She shook her head, noticing that she had been staring far too long. Xander was gone, luckily Jen didn't catch her staring. She always looked at Xander, looking at his features. It wasn't anything serious, nothing she would act on.

Jen stood up from the couch, picking up the phone he had left on the counter. She pressed the button on the top, turning it on before she swiped the screen only to be met by a passcode.

"Shit," Jen mumbled before she turned to Callie.

"Try your birthday?" Callie asked.

Jen bit her lip, putting in 1-1-1-7 before the words 'Wrong Passcode' flashed on the screen.

"You seen my phone?" Xander asked as Jen hid the phone behind her back.

"Nah." Jen answered before Xander left the room to look for it.

"Why would he lock it? He has something to hide?" Jen frowned as she whispered to Callie.

"Maybe it's business stuff? He wouldn't want to unlock his phone if he lost it."

"But what if he's cheating..?" Jen asked as she looked up at Callie, tears starting in her eyes.

A sound came from the phone before a message popped up, brightening the lock screen.

Jen read the message aloud but in a way that only Callie could hear:

Kai: I gt sum bad strippers comin ova, you comin?

Before Callie got time to work out the message, Jen threw the phone across the wall. A crack sound came from it, making Xander come out of the room.

"The hell is wrong wit chu?" Xander asked as he picked up his phone, sighing as he examined the cracked screen.

"You fučking cheater!" Jen screamed as she ran to Xander full force -- moving faster than Callie had ever seen anyone run in all her twenty-four years -- she pushed into Xander, striking blows to his chest, jaw, and lip as he tried to control her.

"The fuck are you doing!?" Xander shouted as he pushed Jen against the wall. Jen was dizzy as her head hit the wall hard, she knew X meant to do it. He grabbed her jaw, looking straight into her eyes with disappointment, "The fuck is wrong with you, Jen? You took yo' pills?"

Callie knew Jen was bi-polar, but she also knew this wasn't the reason why her girl was acting up. She didn't know why but she felt like things with Jen had been weird for the past weeks. She knew Jen was lowkey giving her the stink eye, but she didn't know why.

"Nigga, I took my fucking medicine but did you take yours!?" She screamed, jerking out of his grip, "You wanna fučk around on me!"

She grabbed her purse off the couch, forgetting that Callie was in the room.

"Fuck you!" Jen shouted before she got out the car. A second later, Callie heard her speed down the road.

Xander sighed, pushing his fingers in his curls while taking a seat next to Callie. He looked up at her, "What happened?"

"She saw a message and assumed you were cheating," I shrugged, "I know she took her medicine, she trusts you, I don't know why she would think you're cheating."

There was silence, a comforting silence before X spoke up, "Because we haven't had sex in two years."

Callie nodded, biting her lip. She wanted to ask him but was it right?

"Did you cheat?" She asked without even thinking.

He nodded, not one pinch of guilt in his eyes.

"Yeah." He told her, he didn't have regret, sadness, not even a tear in his eye.

"Why?" She asked. This was the first conversation she ever had with Xander. It made her feel warm and nervous for some reason.

His deep voice and thick lips were tantalizing. Something was telling her to just go to him. But she couldn't do that.. Not to Jen?

Her eyes wondered to his lips where his top set of teeth held them in a trap.

"It wasn't good.." He started, shaking his head like he was trying to get the memory out of his head, "she was always so demanding. I would put her pleasure first, always give more than receive. She never gave back, she never rode, it was always me doing the work and her telling me how to do it."

Callie's caramel cheeks held a blush as she looked away. Xander was telling her about his and Jen's sex life.

"Oh.." She whispered, trying not to feel happy that her best friend couldn't please her man.

"What about you?" X asked, his eyes looking her up and down slowly, "Where yo man at?"

Callie shook her head, "Single."

That's when she had noticed X had changed his pants. He was in cargo shorts with a white tee and socks. She could see his defined chest, she noticed how muscular he was. All of a sudden, she just wanted his arms wrapped around her.

Before she noticed it, X was directly in front of her, "You can chill here if you want, ok?"

She nodded her head, yes. He stood up with a sigh, walking back upstairs before she heard a door shut.

She pulled out her phone, texting Jen.

To Jen: Are you ok?

Jen had texted back a second later.

Jen: Yea.. Maybe I overreacted?

To Jen: Maybe.. Where r u?

Jen was right, she overreacted but Callie couldn't tell her that. She didn't know how Jen was feeling, she could be crying her eyes out - she didn't want to make it worse.

Jen: At a friends..

Callie responded back with a okay and she would see Jen tomorrow. She went upstairs to use the bathroom while still being in her thoughts. She knew Jen wasn't always like that and it sounded as if Jen was trying to hide something from her.

She pushed opened the bathroom door only to be met by a groan. She screamed but she couldn't close her eyes as she watched X stroke his shaft while the hot, steaming water ran down his body. The shower door was wide open.

X opened his eyes, seeing Callie watching him. Instead of yelling at her to get out like Callie thought he would, he continued to stroke his d*ck while he watched her.

"Come here." He mumbled before she pushed off her wedges -- still fully clothed-- before walking into the shower.

She was too into what X was doing to hear her phone ring downstairs..

From Jen: I think I'm pregnant..

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