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A village is burning, flames leaping high into the sky. Clashing of steel is all around. Screams of the wounded fill the air.

A man & woman move through the burning village. The woman carries a small child. They move slowly, trying not to be noticed.

Child: "Mama, Papa, what's happening?"

Man: "Hush my daughter. We must not be seen."

Crouching behind a building, the man looks around. Seeing no danger, he creeps forward, followed by his wife. They are spotted. A soldier runs towards the three, shouting. The man curses.

Man [drawing his sword]: "Run. I'll hold him back. You must get our daughter to safety!"

Nodding, the woman runs. She hears the clash of steel on steel behind her but doesn't look back. Shortly afterward, she hears another shout & looks back to see a soldier pursuing her. Unable to outrun the soldier, the woman is soon cornered. Putting her child down, the woman pushes her daughter behind her. The soldier advances on the two.

Soldier: "Where is the dragon?"

Instead of replying, the woman's hand closes on a dagger at her hip.

Soldier [louder]: "Where is the dragon?!"

Woman [growls]: "Like I would tell you. The dragon's power will never be yours!"

Lunging forward, the woman slashes the soldier. The soldier shouts in pain, then runs the woman through with his sword. The woman falls. The child stares at the woman's still body not quite understanding what had happened. She moves closer, kneeling next to her unmoving mother.

Child: "Mama?"

No response. The child looks up, meeting the cold, hard eyes of the soldier. The soldier raises his bloodied sword...

A roar sounds from the sky. Flames engulf the soldier in front of the child. He screams as he burns. Many other soldiers go up in flames. They shout & point up at the sky in fear.

Soldier: "Retreat! Retreat!"

All the soldiers flee. All is silent. The dragon descends, changing into human shape as it lands. Its eyes roam over the ruined village, the dead occupants, finally landing on the child. In a smooth leap, the dragon lands in front of the child & she looks up. The two stare into each other's eyes in silence.

The dragon holds out his hand...

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