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You sat in the middle of your living room, the thin curtains drawn shut over tall glass windows that filled the one wall that faced the west, where the sun was now dipping low beyond the horizon.

Your mouth barely moved, a soft mumble was all that escaped your lips as you hiccupped. Rubbing two fingers against your eye, you sniffed and stared at the blank screen of your television. Numerous video games and books were strewn across the floor around you in a haphazard manner, most of them consisting of that one thing you desperately wanted.

Your swollen red eyes gazed around the dimly lit room that shimmered with a shadowed orange that was slowly disappearing as the minutes ticked by. Your _(e/c)_ hues eventually pointed themselves to a photograph framed in silver, capturing that single moment between two smiling parents and a young child, eating ice-cream and sitting on a park bench.

You repeated what you had said before as your eyes were cast onto another photograph that had been placed neatly and squarely in front of you.

“Where’s my happy ending . . .?”

Your crossed legs straightened themselves out, and you suddenly shuffled back from the photo with vigour, like the thing was gathering white hot flames. Your dominant hand shakily and tentatively reached out for the white mug that was sitting innocently a ways away. It was filled almost to the brim with poisonous liquid. A cold sweat gathered on your forehead as you sniffed once again.

“Belle, are you sure we can do this? I know we’ve got a solid team, but. . . this is a big task.”

“No! We need to get out of here! We’ve already lost one person. We don’t need our whole team to get killed!”

“Shut up, Layle! Noctis, you agree with me don’t you?”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen!”

“If we keep going, we’re all going to die here today!”

“Stella! Oh God, Stella. . . She’s dead. They’re both dead.”

“There’s too many of them, REATREAT!”

“Noctis! Don’t you die on me. . . Don’t you die on me!”

You sobbed, clenching your eyelids shut. God, why did this have to happen. The pain was still raw and fresh in your heart. You couldn’t stand it any longer. First you parents, then your best friend. Now your team. You didn’t want to live in an era like this anymore. Not when there was so much death, not when everyone else around you was being picked off. You sluggishly swished the poison, watching it slosh around in the small cup. And here you were, left to sit in the rubble of what could have been, if it wasn’t for them.

Your brow furrowed as you jerkily stood up, the mug clattering to the ground and splashing the crystal clear liquid across the floor. Your fists clenched as the poison was instantly soaked up into the cream carpeting.


You weren’t going to let them win. If you were going down, then you would take as many of them with you.

You would storm in there on a suicide mission and bring down as many of those alien scum as you could. You were the most skilled fighter of your time, and you would make damn sure that you made an impact.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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