Mistress Eva

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Name: Mistress Eva

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance : I have Black hair with red running threw it I wear a black gown with purple sparkles and black strapy heels I am tall and have pale skin.

Class year: Grad

Gifts (Four Max): Dark mage, Shape shifter, self healer but not extremely fast,spell caster,

How you got your powers: One day I got so Angry at my little brother that I suddenly changed shape and ran out of the house the next day I found a spell book laying behind my house I picked it up because it was like calling to me and then I opened it and read it and the rest sorta came one by one

Brotherhood or X-Men: Brotherhood

History: its kinda in how she got her powers

Weakness: close range fighting, spells can sometimes backfire

Weapons: Enchanted throwing knives and daggers,staff for stronger spells

Personality: Shy, fun, loving, caring, I will fight if I need to *Growls* I will especially fight for my family, I don't like people threatening my family *Growls*. I'm a warrior and a healer. I'm also a Bad ass *smiles innocently*



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