second life

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I was tired as hell been working all day. I like my job but it tiresome sometimes. It was my break so Randy called me.  

"Hey hoe"I answer. 

"Wassup u on break" she asks.  

"Yeah why?" I ask. 

"Ima come see you aight" she says. 

"Yeah that's cool ima get off soon anyway"I say. So my aunt is using my car today hers broke. I'm fixing it but I gotta wait for her part to be shipped over. I sit down at a table and lay my head down. I left up and Miranda is there jean shorts a black tank top and black and grey Jordan's. Her hair is in a bun and she has on sliver hoops. her body shows so well. She attracting a lot of attention especially from guys since she is sucking on a lollipop. One of my male coworkers drops his tools. I burst out laughing. Then I see the rest of her crew come up mostly guys the only other girls are me and this girl name Izzy who is a loving the crew hoe meaning she fucking everybody in our crew I mean I can't hate I've fucked her once before but never again. Miranda fucks with her but I love my best friend but she is a hoe honestly. She is more player than hoe yeah you would think the stud would be the player nah in this case it opposite. 

"Adrian" she calls and hugs me then jumps on me. 

"What the hell what you do" I ask when she get down. She looks confused  

"What u mean ?" she asks. 

"U don't normally hug me like that what you do or what you want" I ask crossing my arms  

"Damn dats cold I missed me best friend I can't hug u now"she says putting her hands on her hips. My eyes fall over her body though I can see her belly ring because her tank top rises a little but. 

"yeah you can but what you want?" I ask. I sit down and she sits on my lap  

"Can you pleeeaaassee do my history paper" she asks. I frown. 

"Hell nah do ya own shit Randy" I say  

"Well can you help me my momma being a asshole she won't shut up bout my grade in Ms.Tavern"s class it ain't my fault dat bitch don't me" she says and sucks her teeth  

"She would if u stop going to sleep in her class" I say. Her ass is so soft against my leg right now. Ugh the girl gonna be the death of me. 

"If I do do it what I get" I ask. 

"I'll pay you"she says  

"I got money give me something else" I say. she sucks her teeth. 

"Man really Adrian" she says. I laugh because its funny when I piss her off. 

"Ain't nuthin funny Adrian come on at least help me wit it" she says  

"Aight I'll help u but I ain't doing ya shit Randy you made that woman not like you not me" I say. She roll her eyes. 

"Don't address nobody else I see" D'andre says. I flick him off I don't like that nigga. I tolerate him for Miranda's sake. He a loud mouthed pussy who don't know when to shut the hell up. I have been tempted to fight him once or twice but I fought it because that a what he wanted. I lay on Randy's shoulder. 

"Awh is that ya girlfriend" Benny one of my coworkers asks. 

"Nah she just a friend" I say. I said that kind of quick I hope Randy don't take it the wrong way. 

"Oh sorry" he says and goes back to working. 

"Y'all would make a cute couple tho" Izzy says. 

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