In The Morning

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Sorry I haven't been updating, and that the chapters are short.

Sarah's POV

"How was the hunting?" I asked Brendon when he came back. He nodded and then nudged me towards the direction of the house. Then, he lowered himself to my height. "You want me to go home?" she asked. He nodded and then he lowered his wing. "Fly?"she asked. He shook his head. Sarah guessed he wasn't talking because it was hard for him to speak and it was straining his voice. "Ride?" she asked and he nodded.

Sarah carefully stepped on his wing and got into his back. She saw that the spikes on his neck had retracted. She got on and saw the iron collar around his neck.

"Can you fly?" she asked. He shook his head and pathetically flapped his wings. "So you're like Toothless?" Sarah suggested. Brendon looked at her with a confused expression. "How To Train Your Dragon, you've seen it" she elaborated. Brendon shrugged before he began in the direction of the house. He soon broke into a trot.

Finally, they came to the back fence. Brendon went straight to the door that lead to the garage. She lowered himself down to the ground so Sarah could slide off.

"Thanks" she responded. Then Brendon poked the pocket where her phone was. Sarah checked the time. "Twelve o'clock" she read. Brendon nudged her towards the door. Then, Sarah had an idea. "Stay" she said and pointed towards Brendon. His head tilted and Sarah went into the house and pulled a blanket off the couch. When she came back out, Brendon was laying down with his head on his paws. When Brendon saw her, he gave her a confused look.

"When do you shift back? she asked. And then she saw Brendon get that "Oh sh*t" expression and then leaped to his feet and ran. Sarah waited for ten minutes and then Brendon padded back with a shopping bag in his mouth. He laid back down with the bag in his paws. She peeked inside to see a bundle of clothes. Then she sat down and leaned against his ribs. One of Brendon's wings moved to act like a blanket. It was warm, and Brendon's fur was very soft. "Night" she said before she fell asleep.

Brendon's POV

Once Sarah fell asleep, Brendon soon fell asleep, only to be woken by his pre-reverse transformation. He gently moved Sarah and then silently walked away and transformed back, which was a lot less painful than usual. He dressed and then raced back and then he carefully carried Sarah inside and onto the bed.

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