Chapter Five

After I told Crystal everything that has happened, she had a huge, but creepy smile on her face.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"First off, Zel, he might like you. Second, I've been waiting for the day when you kick Bren's ass! You've grown up so much," she said, dramatically wiping away fake tears.

"What would I do without you?" I laughed.

The bell rang so we hugged and walked to our classes. When I got to in, I sat down and waited for the teacher. As I was waiting, I overheard a conversation from the girls behind me.

"Did you hear what happened yesterday? I heard that Bren got his ass kicked by Cameron because Cameron was jealous," a girl said.

"No way, really? Cameron never gets jealous though. Who is the girl?"

"I dont know, probably just some nerd," replied the same girl that told the rumor.

I am not a nerd!

"I heard that Bren said she was a whore because she went off with Cameron afterwards to his house," the other voice said.

"Yeah, maybe. Who knows. She can be a desperate bitch or something. You know how virgins are. Just wait until Janice finds out," the girl shrilly laughed.

Just then the teacher showed up. I was only half listening in class because I kept on thinking about the conversation I overheard.

I don't want people to think that I'm like that. I still want to stay under the radar. Besides, I am not a nerd! Why do people always call me that?

"Miss Snow, the principal wants to see you. You may leave," the biology teacher said.

"Ooh," others in the class said.

I tried to stop my eyes from rolling.

"Okay," I answered.

I was walking down the hallway to the Principal's Office when suddenly I heard my name being called.

"Hey, Hazel! Wait up," yelled Cameron.

"What do you want?"

"Why so snappy?" he asked.

"People suck," I said.

"You just realized that?"

"Shut up," I said and sped up.

"Okay! I'm sorry," he said.

Wait, what? I thought as I suddenly stopped.

"Did you just-"

"Yes," he smirked.

I laughed and rolled my eyes playfully.

"Glad I can make you laugh," he chuckled before he started walking next to me to the Principal's Office.

When we both got into the office, we waited for her to show up. A couple of minutes later, she called us in.

"Miss Snow and Mr. Daniels," she greeted.

"Hello, Mrs. Grundy," we both said.

"Let's get to the point, shall we? Tell me why that fight happened? It's only been the second day of school. I'm really disappointed in you guys. Well, not really for Mr. Daniels but for you Miss Snow," the principal said.

"For your concern Mrs. Grundy, Bren held my arm really tight and I was telling him to let go, but he wouldn't. So, Cameron saw this and he tried to tell Bren to let go, but Bren was acting all tough. I tried to break away, but he still didn't let go so Cameron punched him and I had to kick him in order to free my hand," I said.

"And what's your explanation Mr. Daniels?" Mrs. Grundy asked.

"First off, I learned to never harm a girl. I told him to stop because it seemed as if Hazel was about to pass out. It was like her blood circulation was getting cut off. I told him to let go, but he was being all cocky and saying that he wanted to see what I can do if he doesn't let go, so I had to punch him so he could think right instead of being a dick. Sorry for the language," he explained leaning back on his chair.

Blood circulation? Smart ass, I smiled faintly.

"I see. I've talked to Bren and it seemed like he was over exaggerating. He was high when you attacked him Mr. Daniels, but I'm glad you did it in order to protect a student. You guys will get a week of after school detention. After your classes are finished, please report to the detention room. I'm glad you guys told me the truth, but no more on campus violence. Understood?" she said sternly.

"Yes m'am," we both said.

"You may leave. Your detention starts today. Enjoy your day," she said.

We both walked out. Wow, a week of detention. It's a better punishment than I had in mind.

"She is so intimidating, but yet understanding," Cameron said like he just read my thoughts.

"I'm glad we didn't get expelled or anything," I smiled.

"You'd never get it with me around," he smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

"Why did you smile earlier?"


"After I told Mrs. Grundy what happened," he said.

"Want to know what I thought?"

He nodded.

"Blood circulation? Smart ass," I smirked.

Cameron started laughing and I joined in.

"You, Hazel. You're something else," he chuckled.

"Thank you," I smiled.

The mood died down and Cameron looked at me, lost in thought.


"Your smile is really pretty," he blurted out.

To say I was shocked was an understatement.

"Um. Thanks?" I said, blushing.

"You look so cute when you blush," he said.

My blush deepened.

"Where is the cocky and badass Cameron?" I asked.

"Way to kill a moment," he said.

"Oh really? I didn't know it was one," I smirked.

"Now it's you that frustrates me," he said, chuckling.

"Well, see you in a couple of hours!"

"Don't miss me too much, babe," he said, winking.

"See ya badass," I said, rolling my eyes.

"I love you too," he said playfully.

I blushed and Cameron walked away laughing.

"Cruel," I muttered.

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