Chapter 36

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Madison's POV
"Get put my way, now!" Cameron demanded through gritted teeth to the tanned brunette standing in our way. My eyebrows furrowed as I turned my head towards Katherine who had the same look as me.

"Last time we saw each-other, I remembered you being much nicer than this. That's not how you should talk to your girlfrie-", she started to say but he cut her off. Katherine was no longer confused but reflected the same face as Cameron, burning red.

"Ex girlfriend", he sighed in annoyance before continuing," Ex, ex, ex, ex, ex. More X's than the possible amount you can find in clothing size", he rolled his eyes at the end of the sentence. My jaw dropped at the words that came out of his mouth. I don't remember the last time he was this angry at someone, she must have screwed up badly.

Katherine looked at me with an apologetic look before squeezing Cameron's hand. "Listen up bitch", she started to raise her voice at the girl and Cameron looked down at me.

"My names Rachel", the girl cut her off and I sighed. She was starting to get annoyed too.

"Could you shut up for a second? Clearly none of us care for what you have to say so please, stop talking", I pleaded and her jaw dropped. Dad smirked before pulling us past her. We were all quiet as we got into the car. He adjusted the rear view mirror and looked at me in it. We all bursted into laughter until we couldn't breathe.

"I'm actually so proud of you", Cameron finally spoke up while smiling really big. I returned the smile and looked down at my hands while he pulled out of parking lot. Katherine called Aaron and asked them to get rid of Rachel before we got back there.

* a couple weeks later*

"Dad! Could you please pause Drakes album and let my ears rest? You've been listening to it nonstop...", I tried to reason with him.

"Fine, just for you", he kissed my forehead before running back up the stairs to get the rest of the boxes. Today was the day we start moving into the house with everyone. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Taylor isn't going to live with us because of his satanic ways; he bought a mansion which he calls 'the Caniff Mansion'. We haven't heard from that Rachel girl though ever since that night in the lobby...I was daydreaming when he door bell rung. I jumped off of the stool I was sitting on and opened the door. My face dropped when I saw who was there as they walked in.

"Ughhhhhhhhh, why are you guys here?" I complained while I walked back to the kitchen.

"We're here for you babe", they said with smirks as I stopped walking and glared at them. Cameron and Colby appeared with boxes in their hands and they looked pissed. They put the boxes down and smacked the back of Hunter and Jacob's heads.

"I swear I'm calling your moms later because of the crap that just came out of your mouth", Cameron informed them with a red face.

"I'm gonna kill them before you can", I said through gritted teeth while I grabbed my phone and followed dad out the door. We were in the elevator right now and I saw Jack had texted me.

Jack.G: Want to go out and get something to eat?

I smiled before turning to Cam. "Could I go with Jack to get something to eat?" I asked him, breaking the silence. The elevator doors opened and they gave each other this smirk.

"I told you they are the cutest", he whisper shouted to Colby and I groaned in annoyance as we walked out.

"Oh gosh, please don't start", I complained while they chuckled. My face heated up and I looked away with embarrassment. I turned on my phone to check the time and saw another notification.

Jack.G: Good morning sunshine. I'm on my way to the apartment, want to get something to eat when I get there?

Cameron and Colby stopped laughing when they saw my confused expression. "What's wrong?" Cam asked in a worried tone. I went to check my messages and saw there were two people with the name Jack.G. I checked the number of the person who said good morning and saw it was Jacks. Then who is the other one...?

"Um, I got two messages from two different people with the same name in my contacts, and they're both asking if I want to get breakfast", I answered his question and he put down his box.

"Can I see your phone really quick?" he questioned before sitting beside me. I handed it over to him and he did whatever he was doing. Colby saw the boxes were blocking people's way in the lobby so he carried the two out. The lady at the front desk kept on staring at us but I ignored it as we both focused on the phone.

"What the hell...?", he mumbled as he looked down at my screen.

"What's wrong?" I asked as my heart paced a little faster. I don't know why I've been getting this feeling but right now I have goosebumps. Maybe it's the invasive girl at the front desk, maybe it's Cameron's state of confusion, maybe it's the awfully too quiet surroundings, or maybe it's the text; whatever it is I do not know.

"I've seen this number before", he said as he looked around. I moved closer to him because of how scared I was getting.

"It's... it's Rachel's", he continued to speak.

"I'm scared. I don't know why but I'm scared", I whispered to him as he pulled me to his chest.

"I feel it too. There's something wrong with this, really wrong", he mumbled in my hair. The elevator dinged open and we looked but nobody was there. Where did the lady at the front desk go? We were about to get up but something stopped us.

A bag was put over my head and everything was spinning. I felt something sharp jab me in my arm but couldn't bring myself to scream. It was like those dreams you would have where you want to scream or run or do so much more but you can't.

What was the word again? Shock. No, that can't be it. Paralyzed? Well whatever it was, was happening right now. I couldn't hear anything but my crying as someone threw me roughly over their shoulder. Am I being kidnapped? No, it wasn't this bad. But Cameron was right beside me.... Why didn't I run when I could've? Could I have run by now? All these questions were running through my head right now as the corners of my eyes were black and it was spreading.

'Is Cameron okay?...'

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