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I rolled out of bed when I heard my alarm go off. It was way to early to even be awake, right now. I groggily looked over at the clock. 4:00 AM, great, note the sarcasm. If I woke up a minute later she would give me a heart wrenching lecture on how sleeping makes me fat."Anastasia! Get down here! Now!" Speak of the devil and the devil will respond. I groaned because I knew what was coming. Rushing down the stairs I tripped on my sweats and flipped over landing perfectly on my feet. I didn't know I was that flexible...

"Anastasia Avon Avalon! By now you should know that sleeping makes you fat! I am embarrassed to even be your mother. Anytime you wear shorts, you like a fat monkey. Don't even let me get started on mid-thigh dresses! You really do look like an overgrown apple. I have told you a thousand times..." I tuned her out as I went to the fridge to get an orange. She was still blabbering on about how fat I am, how annoying I am, same old, same old. I ran up the stairs when she wasn't looking, and started packing. You have to pack if you're moving from small town Winchester, Massachusetts all the way to London, England, right? I stuffed all my things into four duffel bags and got ready for my flight. It's a good thing my mom doesn't know because she probably would get into a fight with the wall or something.

I made my way down the stairs to see if she was gone for the day yet. Without her constant put-downs the house was an eery quiet place.

Bringing my bags down I looked around the house one last time and made sure I didn't forget anything.


"The flight will be landing shortly, in London, England. Please put on your seatbelt." I dog-eared my book, 'the Host', and shoved it to the bottom of my backpack. I was sitting next to an older girl named Gemma... Styler? Styled? Something like that... Even though my mom always had something or the other to say about my friends, I was actually really friendly. I made friends with Gemma and told her to keep in touch. Apparently her brother is some big pop star or something. He was in a band called One Directed or One Way. I actually have no idea.. Anyway when I told her this she said that she would definitely keep in touch because I was the only person who actually talked to her, not just because her brother was an international pop sensation.

I rolled my suitcase and my duffel bags out, as Gemma walked out beside me.

"OK, Ana I wanna warn you. Because of my brother, we might meet a few paps here and there, is that alright?"

I replied with a quick, "Yeah, that's fine."


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