Chapter 6 Telling her

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Justin's' POV:
We got home from the hospital and Phil and I cuddled up with Jaylie. I woke up 2 hours later. Jaylie was still sleeping. I got up and made myself some toast. My phone rang.
It was Ryan.
R: hey bizzle
J: what's up?
R: so the media has been showing you and a little girl. Who is that? 
J: my daughter
R: wait. What? Really?
J: yep
R: wow you should really tell people.
J: I will.
R: you should announce it on Ellen.
J: you know what? I might just do that now.
R: alright I will leave you to it.
J: okay man bye
R: bye bizzle.
I called Ellen and let her know that I wanted to come.
She said yes and I could come next Thursday.
Soon my toast popped.

Jaylie's POV
I heard a POP. It was very loud. I opened my eyes. I forgot about my leg and I banged it on the side table.

Justin's POV:
I heard Jaylie crying. Her hurt leg was on the table and she was on the floor. "Oh baby" I said as I picked her up off the floor. She was still crying and so I helped her.
" What did you do?" I asked " i- I banged it o-on the table." She said still crying.
I put her on the couch and went to the freezer. I got out the chocolate chip ice cream. I put it in a purple bowl. I gave it to her and she gobbled it up like a turkey.
" wanna watch a movie?" I said. She nodded. I got all the kid movies and she picked out lion king and I popped it in and we watched it.

Jaylie's POV
Me and Justin were enjoying a movie and I was eating my ice cream. I looked over at Justin he was sleeping. I wanted to get up. I grabbed my crutches and I got up I walked over to the T. V and turned it off. I got a blanket and put it over Justin. I got a coloring book and some markers. I colored a dog that looked like Esther. I ripped it out and I put it on the fridge.
Time skip
Justin's POV:
It was Wednesday and I wanted to tell Jaylie that we were going to The Ellen Show.
" JAYLIE" I called because Jaylie was in my room getting dressed. (In Jazzy's clothes) " I'm coming " she said
Jaylie came down and sat by me in the kitchen. I was still in my sweats. " so you know how people don't know you yet?" I started. She nodded. " well I was thinking that we could go tomorrow to the Ellen Show just you and me." She smiled and nodded. " we gonna be each others company?" She asked obviously referring to my song. " yeah sure" I said, giggling. Jaylie reached into her purse and grabbed my latest album Purpose. I smiled. I looked at the clock. 10:30.
" wanna go out for Brunch?" I asked. " IHOP" Jaylie shouted. I nodded. Got dressed up in a white shirt and black jeans with my white vans. " Dang Daniel" said Jaylie. Hardie har har.
" can we jam out to Purpose in the car?" She asked. "Sure" i said we loaded the car and I popped purpose in the CD thingy. Mark My Words came on and we were literally screaming it at the top of our lungs.

Today I will have 2 questions of the day

1. What is your top 3 favorite songs from the Purpose Album?

2. What do you want to happen further in the story. ( I need options guys)



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