First Sight and First Hunt

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This chapter is Sarah's (Sarah Urie) point of view.

Sarah gazed into the red eyes of the demon wolf. She wasn't afraid of him, how could she be afraid of him? This was still Brendon, the man she fell in love with.

"Brendon?" She asked.

Suddenly, Brendon closed his eyes, backing away from her. When he opened them, his eyes had pupils and didn't glow. He lowered himself to the ground, his ears flat against his skull.

"S-Sarah?" he asked in a strangled voice, "What happened? W-what did I do?" Sarah's heart broke.

"You saved me from a bear" she responded. She saw Brendon's crimson eyes widen. "When you saw me, you didn't attack me. When that bear tried to attack me, you snapped those chains easily."

"I'm not a monster?" he asked.

"You were never a monster" Sarah responded firmly and then looked back at the chains. "You stay chained up every full moon?" she asked. Brendon nodded. "You're body went through the stress of transformation and you didn't eat?" It didn't take a doctor to know that Brendon would need to eat after such a transformation. "Hunt." she said and pointed towards the forest.

"What?" asked Brendon.

"You need to eat" Sarah said.

Brendon's POV

He looked at Sarah in shock. Hunt? Kill? What if he lost control and went on a killing spree? Sarah seemed to  read his mind and she sighed.

"Wolves actually help animals by purging the herd of old and sick animals that slow the herd down." She said. He cocked his head at her.

"Seventh grade life science taught me that. There aren't any wolves around here and a lot of deer. Now hunt before I consider hunting lessons."

Brendon nodded slowly before he turned away from Sarah to sniff the air. He trotted away and followed the scent to a clearing. An elderly stag lay. Sensing him, the stag lifted his head and saw Brendon. He looked into the wolf's crimson orbs and Brendon could literally hear it saying "Do not let my body go to waste." Then it closed it's eyes for the last time. Brendon knew he had to honor the stag's dying wish. Once he finished, he washed his muzzle a stream and saw his reflection.

"I'm not a monster" he said to himself as he returned to Sarah.

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