Chapter 9

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Harry, Ginny, Ron and the rest of the Weasleys stared at the space Hermione had been standing in moments beforehand. All of them gaping and very very very confused. Molly and Arthur were surprised and very concerned, they'd never seen Hermione like this. Even after the war she'd always acted pleasant and same as always to them. But seeing the confused faces, they could tell that her behaviour may not have been her real emotions when they were around.

"What the bloody hell just happened?" George questioned as he turned to face Harry, who looked very guilty and a bit like he was close to tears.

"What have I done?" Harry questioned, he ran his hand through his hair and gripped at the ends of his hair, slightly strangling his neck. "I should have made sure no one else was there." He muttered quietly to himself. "I should have made sure no one else was there."

"Harry... What did you mean by 'that was you'?" Ginny whispered. Harry snapped out of his chant and looked at his wife. He paused and then faced the rest of the room.

"Did all of you get strange feelings of weakness and loss earlier today?" They nodded. "Apparently it had something to do with what the aurors found earlier today near Bond Street... We found a tarmac basilisk attacking the faint outline of a lion. I wasn't with the lion when it died, I was waiting outside because Hermione insisted that she didn't need a bodyguard, despite being a muggle-born. However it was around the time that the lion died, that we all felt like we lost something close to our hearts."

"What does this have to do with Hermione?" Molly asked cautiously. Hermione was like a second daughter, but she had the feeling that she wouldn't like Harry's answer.

"Just then... when Hermione was talking in Parseltongue, she said- she said th- that she had ordered the basilisk to kill the lion." Everyone inhaled a sharp breath. "She said that an ... upside of ordering the basilisk to kill the lion instead of... me, was because 'at least killing the lion weakened every Gryffindor out there'."

"What?! Why would she want to do that? Surely she would feel weak herself?" Ron questioned quickly. Everyone looked at the ground and didn't answer, some because they had no idea, some because they thought the idea was a bit sickening.

"Didn't you hear what she said?" George whispered, his voice cracking as he didn't want to admit the possibility to himself. He waited for Ron to respond, but no reply reached his ear. Sighing, he continued. "She's no longer a Gryffindor. She wouldn't have felt weak... but I have no idea why."

"Of course she's a Gryffindor." Ron protested.

"NO, SHE'S NOT RON!" George shouted at his younger brother. "You never listen to anybody, especially not her. She said that the basilisk and her were interacting like best friends, she said that a basilisk is a Slytherin's best friend. PIECE THE TWO PIECES TOGETHER!"

"Don't get mad at me! I wasn't the one acting cold... and making things so damn cryptic!" Ron retorted.

"It wasn't cryptic. If Teddy were here, he'd be able to figure it out." Ron looked insulted. "You just don't listen to her. I thought she was acting cold because of you. You should see the way her eyes go hard when you're brought up in a conversation. Just because there is something else going on doesn't mean that my original thought isn't right." He paused, trying to calm himself down. "Harry, why do you think this is all your fault? Because there's nothing you could have done to make any of what ever is happening your fault."

Harry looked pained and shook his head. "It is my fault. I should have made sure that no one else was there. I should have cleared the area out."

"Harry stop beating around the bush." Ginny snapped.

"It's the only explanation for it. There's no other way she would be able to speak Parseltongue." He mumbled softly. "When he died, he created another accidental one... as it rebounded or whatever. It is the only explanation for it."

"Harry." Ginny warned. Harry threw his hands in the air and gave up trying to convince himself otherwise.

"She's a horcrux!" He exclaimed, thinking that was the worst possible scenario. He was wrong.


I know that was  a bit of a repetition but some people were a bit confused about the last scene. So this one is here to clear the air and make things make more sense... hopefully.

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