Hello from the other side ☀

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Hey guys it's me 🐰 !

I'm going to make some imagines of the amazing BOYSQUAD.

*Clap* 👏👏👏

I'm going to make some imagines. It will be a sweet, cute, romantic, sad, whatever *cough* dirty and many more. I'll make some preferences too and some texting imagine. I hope you like this book. I'll be taking request soon. So thanks for reading this. You can request by comment or just DM me. But I won't taking request now. I'll taking request if we already had enough readers. So anyway, hope you like it. Sorry if it sucks. Because it's my first time oml.

This is the codes if you're not understand

• 💦 = dirty imagine
• 💞 = sweet / romantics imagine
• 💌 = text imagine
• 👀 = preference
• 💘 = sad imagine
• 🍟 = authors note
• 💭 = etc

Okay thank you byeee 👋


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