The bad boy is in my room!

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///Aubrey's point of view///

Jo manages to yank me through a huge mass of new college students into the room which i personally believe is a saviour. The bathroom. "Finally we escaped the stampede!" I groan.

"Honey, we ain't here to go for an afternoon nap like gran used to make us have when we were 3!" Jo stated.

"Oh, I totally thought that we were gonna nap here...wait is the ground too hard, I think it is too hard, let's find a better place?" I put in with my very sarcastic voice.

"Ok I will get the teddy bear and the blanket," she adds while I crack up laughing. She hands me a make up bag. "I always bring one extra, use it"

"Why, am I a total mess, have I got pimples all over my face?!" I question, being slightly dramatic once again.

"No princess, you look fine but we need to look our best cause it is the first day of college!" She beams

" I have to?"

"Do you want to be popular, get the guys and look fabulous?" she sings the "lous" in fabulous.

"Yes, yes and....yes!" I cheer as I squeal like a twelve year old and begin doing my makeup.

The line finally makes way for Jo and I as we approach the lady at the desk. "Name?" She asks.

"Joanna Stevens," says Jo.

"Dorm number 206."

"Hi, I am Aubrey Faye, I am a new coll-" she cuts me off before I can finish.

"Yes yes, you're in dorm number 222" she adds hastily. I walk off with Jo, slightly offended by the mean bitch. "At least we're on the same floor Aubs (pronounced awe-bs)."

"Yea, at least we are," I grin, happy with my new nickname. I struggle with my belongings as we near the floor our dorms are on. "Happy with your nickname, Aubs?"

"What are you, some sort of telepathic witch?!" I ask obviously joking. "Yeah, I am happy."

"You can call me Jo," she laughs, "not a witch please." I wave to her as I reach my dorm room. "Meet you later Jo!"

"You got it!" She yells back in reply. I reach into the pocket of my expensive high waisted skirt and grab my key to the room. The open door reveals a beautiful, large dorm room complete with a mini fridge. On the far corner of the room lies a single bed along with a small night stand. Elaborate, blue curtains that are pushed to either side of the bed lay behind the cushioned bedhead. The window shows a lovely view of the garden on the campus sight. A few metres away from what I claimed to be my bed, another bed lay. The bed was also accompanied by a night stand and to the right of it was another large window with instead of curtains, blinds. On the opposite wall of that of the two beds lay a door. I opened the door and realised that it led to the bathroom. In it was a bath, a shower, a toilet and a double-sink. On the other side of the two beds and the bathroom was a small, open-plan living room. It had a 2-seater grey couch accompanied by pillows, a 30" flat screen TV, an adjoining mini kitchen with only a small fridge, an island dining table with 3 stools, a sink and a coffee maker with all sorts of yummy beverage packets next to it. The brightly coloured dorm room was going to be my home for the next part of my life (4 and a half years to be exact) and I couldn't wait!

Suddenly I heard the click of the door as the door began to open. I hadn't realised I was going to have a roommate but the second bed did explain it. I hesitantly walked back into the "bed area" and was surprised when I saw who it was. You can't honestly be serious I thought as I began to slowly back away towards my bed out of shock and embarrassment. "What, haven't you ever seen a hot guy?" Joked none other than...


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