Hey guys it's me! I will be posting to more chapters but for a new story in writing if you guys can please check it out it will mean a lot to me ! 😘😊

"I want to officially meet you." My
heart stopped when I read the note he left on my desk. He wants to meet me?! What if he doesn't like me? What if I'm not pretty enough? What if I fart?! I took out my pencil and wrote underneath my response.


Maya O'Neil was your ordinary smart teenage girl. Well, besides her parents being CEO's of many luxurious hotels, going to a prestigious boarding school, and being there on an impossible to get scholarship, she's pretty ordinary. But everything changed one day in her boring government class, when she decided to leave a note on her desk for whoever sat there in the afternoon classes. To her surprise they even answered! This would either be the start of a blooming relationship or will just spiral to out of control chaos. Can Maya keep up with whoever leaves these notes for her or will her curiosity be the fault of a broken heart?

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