A brand new life

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///Aubrey's point of view///

"Yes mum, I brought the capsicum spray with me,"  I say desperately to my mum, trying to end the conversation as soon as possible. "No!" I yell, "I didn't take the old books." The car almost drives off the side of the road as i shift the phone to my other shoulder, my cheek securing it in place so that it wouldn't fall down to my feet like the previous ten times. "Mum, I love you and all but now is not the time to talk," I reason. "I have to go now, I will text ya' soon bye!" I hang up before she has time to get another word in. I suck in a deep breath as I realise that I am on my way to college. A new place, a new opportunity, a new dream! I laugh to myself as I think of what Olivia would have said, calling me a goody-too-shoes and all. I press my foot down on the accelerator of my baby (yep, that's my car) and drive off into the sunset. Except it wasn't exactly a sunset, more of a weird mess of colours. Oh that reminds me of the time I vomited the milk I had drunk back it fourth grade and how it looked like unicorn vomit. I shiver at the thought, I guess I am a little dramatic and I do go off topic but....meh! I clench my teeth in prosperity and drive towards the next part of my life.

My skirt gets stuck in between the car door as I shut it to step into what I thought was going to be the perfect day. "Ugh," I moan whilst trying to yank my skirt out of the door, pulling like a crazy person. "You're going to rip your skirt if you pull any harder," states a handsome voice. Damn that guy must be hot I think but blush immediately as I realise that evil is corrupting me (by evil I mean thinking guys are hot, I told you I was a goody-too-shoes) . "Oh uh...." I stammer, embarrassed at the fact that a stranger had to point that out to me.

"My names Levi, uh.....do you have a name too?" He jokes.

"Er....m-my name is A-Aubrey," I struggle. Great now I have embarrassed myself twice today and what makes it worse is the fact that the guy I got embarrassed in front of was hot!

"Nice name A-Aubrey," he jokes. Suddenly he grabs my car keys out of my hand in a swift motion. "Relax," he assures when he sees my surprised face, "I am only opening the door for you, like a gentleman." Something tells me he isn't a gentleman though. "Oh um....thanks," I reply. He opens the door, being careful not to push me over in the process. I shuffle my skirt a little to get rid of the creases made by the "incident" and smile at him to show my thankfulness. He drops the keys into my open hand, spins on the ball of his foot and walks into the college as if nothing happened. I stare longingly at his hot back, almost slapping myself for it, but staring nevertheless.

"Didn't your mum ever tell you not to stare?" Jokes someone. I snap out of my fantasy world and back to reality. "I'm Joanna but everyone calls me Jo," she welcomes.

"I am Aubrey," I introduce and I smile at the fact that I wasn't too embarrassed that time.

"Shall we?" She queries as she extends her arm out for me to take.

"Yes, we shall." I laugh as I take her hand and we walk in through the doors of what I expected to be a fantasy.

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