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Warning: My contain some sexual scenes.


Scarlet's P.O.V.


             Back to the Present

Those last three weeks were horrible. Just thinking about them gave me this disgusting feeling. I never even gotten the mystery man's name. I mean who does that.

Thinking about the past gave me a reason why I still was hard on my heart like i am now in the Alphas Room.

He was still currently staring at the photo of his family. I couldn't help but stare at his features. My eyes tracing every line of his skin.

He turned his head and gave me a breathtaking smile. Guess he noticed me staring at him. Turning is body towards me he slipped his hands down my hips and pulled me close to his was body. Our eyes never leaving each others. He bent his head down until his lips moved across mine whenever he talked. I stood still, not moving, just like a statue.

My lips parted and my heart sped up.

“Are you going to let me kiss you now?" He asked, His soft lips brushing against mine.

“Depends," I responded.

He chuckled in response, “On What?"

“Are you ready for it?"

“And What am I suppose to be ready for?"

“Our first kiss you idiot."

“Ahhh, There's my Scarlet."

“And your Scarlet would be...?"

“The Scarlet who made me wait 3 weeks for me to kiss her," He said.

“Well That's What my jackass of a mate gets." My smile fading.

“Scarlet, how may time am I going to say sorry. I know What I did and you have every right to be mad at me but I still want you and only you. Your mine you understand. I don't care if you tell yourself you don't want me but I know deep down in your heart you want me just as much as I want you."

Damn why does he always have to be right. I know I still want him It's just the way he acted gave me second thoughts.

“You don't know that." Maybe if I deny it he won't see through me.

“Yeah I do Scarlet."

“Not you don't." What can I say I'm stubborn.

“Stop being stubborn." Clearly annoyed. Hah that was easy.

“Why can't I be stubborn? I mean you can't tell me What I feel inside. You aren't me. What makes you think I still want you. The way you treated clearly showed me your not worth it. I mean you could've gone off with that girl you had yesterday and done who knows What. Not like you haven't done those before. I mean-."

“Scarlet be quiet. Your rambling."

“You can't tell me to be quiet. Who are you to tel-."

“Your still doing it."

“I know What I'm doing. Don't tell-."

His soft lips cut me off. Not that I was complaining. Before I knew What I was doing I kissed him back and my hands flew around his neck and pulled him closer to me as possible. One of my hands found their way through his soft hair. My whole body was on fire and especially my warm lips. He kept one of his arms securely on my hip while his other hand took out the rubber band that was in my hair and cupped the back of my head.

I left the kiss in oder to breathe but not once did his lips left my Skin.

“Why did do that." I breathlessly asked. A soft moan came out of my lips when he found my sensitive spot. He kept sucking and licking at it. I tried to hold in the moans but ended up letting them out.

“You wouldn't shut up."

“That didn't give you the right to kiss me."

“I have every right to. Your my mate and your mine."

‘See he wants us.'

‘Oh shut up would you.'

I swear she gets annoying.

“Were not yours. "

“You'll soon be."

He glorious lips sucked were his mark would go. I craned my neck to the side So he'll have more access.

My wolf purring in satisfaction.

“You'll have my mark soon Luna."


“I don't want it," I whispered.

His head immediately snapped up. He had a glint of hurt in his eyes but immediately covered it up.

‘What are you doing!?'

‘Something I should've done the first time I met him.'

‘Scarlet you wouldn't.' My wolf whined.

‘Oh, but I will.'

I felt her heart drop when she knew What I was about to say. Tough thing is she doesn't even know What I was going to say. Stupid wolf not letting me finish. Why does she always assume.

“Why not Scarlet? Why." He sounded heart Broken. Ughhh why does he have to do that. Now I feel horrible.

“Because There's only one thing I want to do for right now."

“And What is that?"

I knew What I wanted to do and it'll be fun to actually do it for real and not have any interruptions.

Gripping his neck, I pulled him till our lips were only an inch apart.

“One thing I know I'll do a better job at then last time, " I whispered.

“And What would that be, " He asked.

“Seducing The Alpha." I whispered before rising my head and capturing his lips with mine.





I kinda liked this Chapter. Did you?

I kinda wanted to go back when James took her to his room in the pack house;) Heheheh.





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