Take Back What Is Ours

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"One year ta the day, Yintal," Ceean said to her companion as she stared down into the valley below. Somewhere in a well-hidden corner of this place, they would find an entrance to a cave. An orc lair, to be precise. "Ye came ta me room for a fuck one year ago today."

"Aye, tis true, lass. And ye still ain't delivered on that, ye stingy arsehole," the Hunter said, and spit into the distance. "Are ye missin' it, then? Yer old life?"

"No' on yer fuckin' life, ye bastard. This is what I was born ta do, ye know. I've been destined ta be a hunter like yerself, I just never knew it," she replied, slapping Yintal on the arm, quite hard.

Over the past year, Yintal and Hillard had trained Ceean in the ways of the Wolves of the Bay. Yintal took on the fight training, since he was now the best fighter among the remaining Wolves. And Hillard was in charge of schooling Ceean in the history of their people, how to properly use the giantsbane spell in her blood to best effect, and how to live with the Urge without letting it drive you insane.

"You dwarves talk too much," Hillard said, as he somehow crawled out from underneath a nearby stone, one much too small to conceal his huge form.

"Shut yer mouth, wizard," Ceean snapped back, with a good-natured laugh. Hillard grimaced, predictably, which made the jab that much more satisfying for the beautiful half-dwarf lady.

"Damn it all, lady, I've told you I am not a filthy wizard. I just know a few magic tricks. I am a warrior! I was born and bred by the Wolves of the Bay, and fighting with a sword is my life. Magic just tips the scales more in my favor, especially when my foes are not giantkin. You'll see," he replied with a smirk

They had been all about the land near their home in the bay over the past year, in search of any giantkin with which to train Ceean. She had bested hill giants, a few sea giants (not Grendel, but another type of amphibious monsters that were almost as nasty), quite a few small and stupid swamp giants, and one very violent moon giant. That last one had almost been difficult for her, Ceean recalled. But with the teachings from Yintal the dwarf and Hillard the human, Ceean Uldhe had no trouble dispatching giants. She had learned how to handle multiple opponents, and how to channel the giantsbane in her blood so that she could reserve part of it when she would need it for prolonged periods. The power was limitless, but the more a Wolf drew on it, the quicker it depleted their other strengths. A Wolf of the Bay could fight a dozen giants, but if he or she used 100 percent of their giantsbane with every hit, they would pass out before the battle was over and be devoured by their enemies. And every hit by one of their massive foes also drained a Wolf's reserve of power. So, Ceean had learned to conserve her strength, dodge their blows, and strike the giants at the proper time. And she was amazing to watch, Yintal and Hillard had to admit. It was her destiny to do this.

But, as Yintal had told her during fight training, giants aren't the only enemies.

"Ye can slay the big bastards better than any Wolf I've ever seen, lass. It's incredible. But, eh, ye know, what happens if we're jumped by orcs? Or a hundred goblins? Or human bandits? Ye've got ta know how ta kill them, as weel."

In this, Ceean had been less effective. She could hold her own, and she could stay alive, but when fighting monsters other than giants, Ceean was no great hero. And so, Yintal had devised a fight strategy for the two of them. They would each use their strength's at the appropriate times. They had been practicing this method for a couple of months, and Ceean felt much more confident about killing orcs, goblins, and other beasts.

"Are ye sure this is the place, then?" Yintal asked. "Ye've used yer sneakster's tricks ta snoop about for days, Hilly. Do they have it?"

Hillard nodded solemnly. "They aren't tricks, they're spells. I've told you countless times, you mean bastard. But, yes, these are the ones, Yintal. They attacked and killed our people. I've finally located our stolen heirloom."

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