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Maya's POV

I didn't want to tell him. But I still like him.

As the NYU tour hosted by uncle boing comes to a close, we all run over to the campfire.

It's just me, all alone.

I don't know where Lucas went but he has been abandoning me all this time. Did I do something wrong? Did he do something? What happened? All these troubling thoughts fill my mind until a distraction comes to destroy every one of them.


Josh walks toward the campfire with a little smirk I always thought was cute. He grabs another skew with a marshmallow and a box of chocolate and graham crackers and hands them to me.

"Hi Josh! You know I love s'mores!"

I get all nervous and don't know what to say.

"Haha. I know you well, Maya."

We roast our marshmallows for a couple more minutes until they are crispy golden brown.

"Perfect! Guess practice makes perfect. Damn, these are the best I've ever had!" I laugh at Josh as we clink marshmallows.

Josh looks over at me. Directly in my eyes, with a shy smile. That's when it hits me. No more Lucas, no Riley. No one. Just Josh.

I smile back, tempting for more. My arms get bubbles and my stomach tickles and I can't feel my legs.

"Maya?" Josh stares.

"Uh, yeah?" I smile back.

"You've got some marshmallow on your chin there." He laughs.

"Oh." I giggle.

He takes his ring finger and puts the rest of his hand below my chin and gently wipes off the marshmallow.



"I like you."

"I like you too."

I take a deep breath. I lean in, I make the move. No hesitation. He places his hand on my neck and leans in. Our lips gently press against each others, moving up and down until I moan in excitement. I smile, then I move my tongue into his, as they intertwine in our mouths.

"I love you!" Josh sucks on my neck.

"Yes. Yes." I rest my hands on his head.

Heart beat.


"Uh um. Lucas? What are you doing here???"

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