Chapter Five

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Will's POV-

Today I was to take Bianca horse back riding in the meadows by the castle. He was just getting ready when he heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see Nico.

"Bianca told me to tell you that she wasn't feeling up to a ride, she has a headache and wishes to get some rest." Nico delivered the news and begun to walk away.

"Hey Nico! Wait up!" I called, he stopped and turned.

"You know the horses are already ready to go, it would be a shame to have to put them back in the stables already."

"I already told you, Bianca can't come."

"Yeah, so you should come." I said. I wanted to get to know my future brother in law before the wedding. Nico's face became very red and I became worried. "Um, are you okay."

"Y-yeah fine."

"So, would you like to go?"

"Um, uh sh-shure th-that would be g-great."

"Sweet, let's go!"

Nico and I walked down the halls of the palace towards the exit near the stables.

I began to worry about Nico, he seamed hot, as in his face was red and he was sweating kind of hot, not the attractive kind of hot. Not that he wasn't attractive, I mean he was, I mean what? Uh. You know what I mean.

I think because Nico wore sonics black all the time he was becoming overheated, what else should cause him to get so red in the face. (A.N. You!!!)

"We're here," I announced as we reached the stables.

"Yay," Nico said softly. "Where are the horses?"

"Huh?" I realized that we had come out on the opposite side of the castle from the stables. "Oops."

"Oops what? What's oops?" Nico stuttered.

"We may have come out on the wrong side of the castle. These are the west meadows not the east meadows."

"Great, now what? I am NOT walking all the way through that maze of hallways again today."

"This is your fault ya know." I said.

"How is this my fault? Your the one who lives here!"

"Yeah, well you are very distracting. I wasn't looking where I was going cuz I was too busy looking at you. Did I just say that out loud?"

"Afraid so," Nico seemed to have turned a few shades darker red. He cleared his throat, "Anyways, what should we do now, we're at the wrong meadow."

"How about a picnic? The kitchen is right over there, I can grab some food and a blanket. We can get to know each other, it would be nice to know you before I marry your sister."

"Oh," Nico returned to his natural shade of pale and adopted a sad expression on his face.

I could never go through with this wedding, because I was falling for another.

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