Part 73

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Her eyes are closed, but I can tell she's not asleep. Her breaths aren't even yet and I can see the pulse in her neck fluttering far too quickly for her to be relaxed and in dreamland. I try to stay still, knowing that after the long day she had today filled with so many big steps, she must be exhausted. She snuggles in a bit deeper to her pillow and the lightest strand of her hair drifts over her forehead and across her cheek. I watch it blow slightly when she exhales. Without much thought, my hand reaches out and brushes it from her face. I tuck it back behind her ear and see her eyes flutter open.

"Sorry," I whisper as I pull my hand back.

"It's fine," she answers. Both of us our on our sides, facing each other. She's beautiful like this, curled up warm and cozy beside me. The light from the TV shines on her every so often and I can see the curve of her delicate cheek and the dark shield of her lashes along her perfect eyes. I've never been this close to anyone as pretty as she is, and at this moment it feels a bit like torture knowing she isn't mine to touch.

Morgan pulls her lip between her teeth and moves her hands beneath her cheek again. I try not to stare, but I find myself studying her features. I'll never understand how any man could raise their hand to her. I cringe to think of the way it must have felt to hit her face hard enough to leave a mark. How could he do that and not feel the pain in his chest. Just thinking about it make my heart feel punctured.

"Are you thinking about him?" I ask. I hope the answer is no, but I'm prepared for whatever she says. I just want the truth. I want to know if there is a risk that she will go back. I fear that being away from him will make her hurt inside and she'll feel this need to go back to that town an that idiot.

"Only how lucky I am that I got away." She says softly. I believe her as I look into her eyes.

"Are you afraid?"

"Of what?"

"Of being on your own? Of maybe wanting to go back one day?" My eyes take in every inch of her in front of me. The way her perfect lips form a bow and her small nose points to it, drawing my eyes to one of her most intriguing features. If she were my girlfriend, I would lean in and kiss her. I would pull her bottom lip into my mouth before using my own to open hers to me. "Of me?" I add, because hearing that she fears anything about me will break my heart, but I have to know.

"I'm afraid I'll run out of money. That's the only reason I'd ever have to go back. I'm not afraid of being here in this town, or making decision while I'm here. I'm just afraid that I won't be able to do it all and I'll have to go back after having this. Even though I've only had this town and freedom for a day, I know that losing it will hurt so badly." Her eyes travel my face as well. I can feel her connecting with me here in dim light and it only makes my curiosity about he way she'd feel against my lips even more peaked. "But I'm not afraid of you," she adds. It makes me smile.

"Good. I would never hurt you. We'll be sharing a room for a while so I need you to know that." She nods her head at my words. I feel something stir in my chest. My heart beating quicker as I watch her teeth release her lip and then her tongue slip out and slide along the pink flesh. It suddenly feels as if I've taken a shot of whiskey. My head gets dizzy and I hear my pulse beating inside my ears as they heat up. My face starts to warm up and my eyes grow heavy.

"I trust you," she whispers and her words breeze across my skin. I feel everything grow tighter. My stomach muscles flex instinctively and my skin tingles with awareness. I'm grateful the rest of my body is beneath the covers right now as I feel each part of me begin to beg my hands to touch her. My brain is firing off every want and desire, my body reacting perfectly to each command. I try to push the thoughts from my head, but I can't do it when she is so close and while she's looking at me with those curious yet sleepy eyes.

"I won't make you regret that," I answer. And then I do one of the hardest things I've ever done. I turn to my back again and close my eyes. I won't be falling asleep anytime soon, but she doesn't need to know that. I can still sense her looking at me, my skin hot from where her eyes graze. I try to think of other things—things that don't make me want to turn back around to her. "Goodnight, Morgan."

"Goodnight, Wes." Hearing my name on her lips in her husky, sleepy voice, makes the thoughts I tried to let distract me race from my mind. As I try to drift off to sleep I think of her instead. The way she had looked stepping off of the plane, her giggle and smile from the video she'd sent me and of course, the sweet innocent look on her face as she lay in the bed beside me. 


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