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I'm so sorry for not updating for soo many days. School started and the whole week(s) had been busy.

I have to study everyday or else I'm definitely going to fail. Seriously, now all I see is alphabets in mathematics. And numbers in physics.

Once again im asking you guys sorry. I'm so sorry. Hope you guys can understand.

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PS: I'm thinking to write a new book. Anyone interested?? It would be a teen fiction.


"He cannot just do that!" Maria screamed in anger, her eyes glaring at me.

I didn't do anything.

I sighed, "It's okay. It was just a spur of the moment, anyways." I answered nonchalantly. To prove her, I gave her a grin.

She gave me a blank stare and shook her head, "No it was not even if it was-" ouch, she paused at my expression, "which was not, he just cannot do this to a girl." She told me, her hands making weird gestures along with her speech.

I gave her a pleading look, "No it's okay. Vitale has done enough for me. I thank the lord that I'm still alive." She rolled my eyes at my dramatic answer and then gave a soft smile, "He has done nothing. You are working for him, aren't you?" I nodded my head.

"So you've returned his favour. But now keep this thing aside. We've to focus on Vitale. Mission: Vitale and Chanel." She screamed in excitement, clasping both her hands together.

"What do you mean?"  I asked looking at her blankly.

"Oh Chanel!" Maria said dramatically and fell back on the bed with her hands wide apart. Her right hand fell on my thighs. She looked at me mischievously "I'm going to make Vitale fall for you!"

I groaned. "Damn it! C'mon you cannot be serious!"

She shook her head, "Not at all. The whole week I was tired to see you ignoring him and blushing whenever he said something," she rolled her eyes "I even saw you glaring at Anne, wasn't she the one he banged after he kissed you."

I groaned in embarrassment and hid my face behind my hands. Damn! I never realized I was being that girly.

I heard Maria snickering and I  groaned louder "Stop laughing."

"Awe your so cute!" Maria laughed. "Vitale definitely needs to settle down. And you my dear have my permission to make him yours. Aren't you lucky?" She continued, her words lacing with amusement and humour.

"Mission impossible!" I murmured and looked at her to see that her face was still holding amusement.

Great to know, I helped in her amusement.

"Ma'am?" A voice asked and I turned around and saw Anne peeking her head out of the door.

Yes! Anne was a maid here.

"Yes?" Maria asked.

"Vitale had asked you both not to go out of this room." She replied giving us a smile.

"Uh huh, sure we will stay here. Are you Anne?" Maria asked. Anne's smile got wider, "Yes!"

"Oh then Anne dear. I suppose Vitale and you are in the first name bases?"

"Oh.. Well. No?" Anne seemed confuse just as I was. What happened to Maria?

I wondered, if pouring out my story-- how I kissed Vitale was right.

It was okay. You didn't do anything wrong. Sometimes when we share our feelings with someone is good.

And I hope, it was one of those sometimes.

"Good. " Maria replied. I saw Anne's dark eyebrows raising up in confusion but she didn't say anything and nodded her head before closing the door.

"What's up with you?" I asked her. Seriously, Maria was one of the weirdest person I've ever met but then again I had not met many people.

"Just Checking." She replied, "I am still supporting you and Vitale. So there shouldn't be any hurdles along way."


I know it's short but bear with it.

School is just occupying most o my time.

I'm sorry but I promise to update sooner. I'm off to school. Take care.

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