Chapter 3

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Jace's P.O.V.

Part 1

After practice Tanner, Aiden and I headed to their house to chill.

We were in my truck talking while making our way over there.

"So any new girl bro?" Tanner asked from beside while looking at his phone

"Naw nothing, do need someone new, how about you?" I asked

"No" he plainly said

"How about you Aiden?" I asked

"I don't know." he said

"How the hell don't you know" His brother asked him raising his eyebrow at him in confusion

"I'll let you know when I do" he said smirking

"You're an idiot" I said as I parked in their driveway next to Ce's car

"I agree" Tanner said hopping off the truck as well

As we made our way inside I noticed that it was too quiet for anyone to be here, but I knew Ce was here because her car was parked outside and knowing her non social life I also would know that she's either doing homework or playing just dance with Chace's dumbass.

"Let's go bother Cece I bet she's doing homework like always" Tanner teased

As we walked upstairs talking to the guys I heard mumbling and moaning coming from Ce's room.

I hope she's not doing what I think she is. I hope she's just exercising, watching a movie or something but not what I think she could be, she wouldn't, at least not with him.

Tanner was planning to scare her with us. When he swung open the door, there on Ce's bed was her shirtless making out with a shirtless Chace on her.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Tanner yelled making his way over to her bed to kill Chace. If he didn't I was. Seconds later after she saw Tanner she pushed off Chace making him drop hard on the ground.

"Ce seriously, you had to push me that hard?" Chace asked. It took everything inside me to not walk up to him and kill him, how dare he touch her in that way.

"You stay quiet" Tanner yelled looking at Chace

We all know how overprotective Tanner is with Ce, she's the only girl in the family so everyone protects her, so seeing the scene in front of him I know hurts him and activates all brotherly nerves in him. Seeing his twin half naked on a bed with a guy I know will make him want to kill anyone in the way so that's why I stayed in the doorway with a smirk, not because Tanner was going to go crazy on Ce but now Chace wouldn't be able to come back in here.

Ce's voice yanked me out of my thoughts

"Get the hell out of my room" She yelled angry.

"Not until he leaves, what the hell is wrong with you having sex?" Tanner asked/yelled at her. Looking at him made me think he was going to blow up, his face is red, I could see the tip of his ears as red as a tomato, his neck vein popping out as well and his fist balled up.

"He's not going anywhere" she defended him standing in front of him, how dare she defend the guy that was about to have sex with her?

"You guys were about to have sex Cece, you're not ready for that and you're not going to lose it to him, you know he's a manwhore" Tanner said trying to stop Ce from committing a mistake. But sounding like a hypocrite since he's a manwhore himself just like me. Ever since I stopped being friends with Ce, Tanner and I became more friends and have done everything together, he's like the brother I never wanted but I guess needed in my life.

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