Chapter 1

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~Readers *POV*~
You were a 8 year old child. You were the most cutest and the most responsible kid in the family and class "HONEY! YOUR DRUNK AGAIN?!" you heard your mom screamed at your father. "WHAT THE F*CK WOMAN! I AM NOT!" Your father said as you went downstairs.

"Honey...I told you! Your not supposed to drink in this night you asshat!

"Well...if you want that, LETS DEVOURS THEN!


As you heard what your father said, you were starting to cry. At the next day, you woke up by your mom packing up her stuff.

"Mommy...your going...*sob*"

"Yes. I am leaving now because me and your father devoursed."

"Why were the best mom that I have ever have..*sob*"

"I am sorry...your father is not listening to me. Goodbye then...I am leaving"


As your mom left the room you were starting to cry harder. A few months later, it was your birthday. You asked your father "Daddy, can we go to the park today?" Your father turned back and said "okay oh I forgot. Happy Birthday." You were excited to go to the park that you were about to pull off your father's pants.

When you and your dad were at the park, you saw your friends there. "Hi (Y/n). I did not know that you will come here. Oh and happy birthday." You smiled and said "Thank you so much my friends." Then you asked them to play with you at the slide then played tag. Since you were running to fast you almost fell down in a very dip hole.

"Oh no...Noooooo!" Then a boy grabbed your hand.

"Got ya Princess."

"Huh? Who are you? And thank you."

"My name is Ben. Nice to meet you..uh what's your name?"

"I am (Y/n). Nice to meet you Ben."

You blushed a little since you think that his sorta cute, Ben as well."(Y/n)! Let's go!" You heard your dad calling. Your dad saw the boy who saved you from the hole.

"Uh...who is that?"

"This is Ben dad. He saved me from falling from that hole."

"Oh...thank you so much for saving my daughter."

"Your welcome sir."

As you said goodbye to Ben, you were happy that he saved you on time.

~Ben's *POV*~
After I saved (y/n) from falling of the hole, I turned back to my real self and teleported to back to the mansion. When I came back I went to the bathroom and checked my face if its still red. It was still red and I don't want to show my face to the others.

"BEN, you there?" Jeff asked.

"Um...yes why?"

"Why did you directly go to the bathroom like for some reason?"

"Oh! This just nothing Jeff. Just leave me alone."

"Okay then. Be waiting you at the living room." Jeff said as he left the bathroom door. I can finally remove my red cheeks away now.

After fixing my god damn face, I saw Jeff waiting for me at the couch in the living room. So I told Jeff to go with me to the dining area. After eating, Jeff saw my cheeks were turning red.

"Uh...BEN...why are your cheeks red?"

"F*ck! Um... Don't helling mind it you d*ck!!" I said rudely to Jeff in anger since I said a while ago I don't want anyone to see my face red or else they will joke about that I have a crush. Well actually...I have on (y/n)...its true but I just don't want to say it because...I really can't say the reason...

Before I sleep, I obviously play video games while Slendy is not watching at all...I wonder if (y/n) loves playing video games...

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