Chapter 36

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(Chloe Pov)

"Tell Me Big Brother... When Do You Plan On Wife'n Up Janiq?" I Asked As Gem As We Sat Down For Lunch.

"Wife?" He Said. "I Dont..." He Began To Say As His Phone Ringed And He Forwarded The Call And Continued To Talk. "I Honestly Don't Plan On Marrying Janiq Honestly" He Said.

"Why?" I Asked. "She Seems Like A Nice Girl... Yall Seem Connected" I Added.

"She Is A Nice Girl And We Do Connect..." He Said.

"Then Whats Wrong Then Gem?" I Asked Him.

"We Connect But Not In That Love Connection Kind Of Way" He Said.

"So Why Are You With Her Gem?..." I Asked.

"Because..." He Started To Say.

"Don't Say Because Of The Sex" I Said. Simply Because The Sex Is Mainly The Reason Why Gem Even Sometimes Consider Relationships.

"Thats Good To. But Thats Not Why... All I Can Say Is That My Heart Isnt Fully Here" He Said Looking Away.

"Tay Huh" I Said. It Was Obvious Gem Was Still Thinking About Tay After All These Years.

"No..." He Started To Say And I Gave Him A Look. "Maybe" He Said Changing His Answer Noticing My Look.

"You Havent Seen Her Huh?" I Asked Him.

"Not Since Graduation Day" He Said.

"No Call... No Text... No Nothing?" I Asked.

"Nothing... Have You?" He Asked Me.

I Didnt Know If I Should Tell Him I Have Talked To Tay. I Didn't Know If I Should Tell Him About My Niece And Nephew, His Children. I Should But Its Not Duty To Tell. Atlease No Yet.

"Nope" I Said Popping The P Then I Sipped My Soda.

(Teddy Pov)

Your Body On My Body Baby
Im About To Catch A Body In Here Baby
I Love The Way You Grind On Me
Said Im About To Catch A Body In Here Baby

"Tion Your Phone" I Yelled Out To Tion Who Was In The Kitchen Making Up A Snack.

"Who Is It?" She Asked.

"Somebody Name Kiya.." I Said As I Reed The Caller ID.

For A Pregnant Girl She Bolted Over And Took The Phone...

"Ill Be Right Back" She Said As She Headed Towards The Back Room.

I Wonder Who This Kiya Was That Got Tion All Jolly And Shit... So Me Being Curious I Headed Towards The Room To Ease Drop To Find Out If Kiya Was Actually Kiya...

Tion Phone Convo...

"Its Been A Week, Why Havent You Called?" She Asked.

"Ive Been Worried T" She Said.

T? I Thought To Myself. Who Is T?

"Like Scared To Drop This Baby Worried" She Joked.

Like Hell She Will. My Baby Aint Coming Out With No Bump On The Head.

"Hows My Little Babys?" She Asked.

I Really Hope She Aint Got No Other Kids Out There... Other Than The Ones I Gave Her... Mmm

"Tell Them Aunty Loves Them" She Said.

Wait. How The Hell? I Thought Tion Aint Had Nobody. I Aint Know She Had No Brother Or Sister. Unless You Count Tay And JJ. But JJ Aint Got No Kids Yet And Tay... No It Cant Be Tay. No Way Or Maybe Tions Been Secretly... No, No Way...

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