Chapter 2

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        "Why the hell didn't he tell me. He was more than welcome to come live with us. What the fuck. This is all my fault. I should've known him better. Why the fuck didn't I realize it was this bad?" I thought for hours, trying to figure out how I didn't notice something was up. Kyana started to cut herself and the next day, people noticed the cuts on her arms. "What's wrong babe?" Said Kaliyah "A...Adam killed himself yesterday. And I couldn't do anything about it" I said as I cried. Everyone started comforting her and mourned the loss of Adam.
So fast forward cuz I'm a boss :D
It's the first day of school and I start walking to school with Kaliyah. While we were walking to school we were sharing a pop tart. We kept eating and walking, trying to avoid the whole Adam situation. When we arrived at the school the doors were still locked. A couple other people were waiting also. Then I saw this hot guy that caught my eye? "Damn daddy. Imma go eat me some of him." He noticed that I was staring and came over to me. My heart started racing.
        "Hey. My name is Benjamin." "H.. Hai... I'm Kyana. And this is my best friend Kaliyah." He gives Kaliyah a friendly nod and he shook my hand. He saw the huge grin on my face and chuckled. Well aren't you a lil' cutie? (Did he just call me a "lil' cutie"?) "Well your a little more cuter", I mumbled under my breath. "What did you say?" "Huh? Oh, uhmmm nothing...", I nervously say, hoping he didn't hear me.
        The doors unlock and we find our classes together. "So your just going to leave like that?? Hey guys, wait for me!!!" Kaliyah yells. " My bad girl." "Now y'all need to stop flirting. School hasn't even started yet, and you haven't even known each other for 30 minutes." I see his face turning bright red like a tomato. "Sorry." He says in the cutest baby voice.
        "What's your first period?" I said curiously. "Algebra II." He said embarrassed as if I were going to judge him. "Omg same!!!" Then we looked at each other's schedules and we have 4 out of 6 classes together. I saw his retinas enlarge and get a big smile on his face. The best thing about him is he's smart like me and doesn't loose his identity.
        "Guess what?" I asked Kaliyah. "What?" She said exhaustingly. "Ben and I have 4 classes together. And there all AP classes!!" "And I care why?" "Awe lighten up grumpy pants. It's our first day of high school. We need to make our first impression amazing... Even thought everyone knows who we are, it needs to be better than ever." I say optimistically. She gave me the ._. look.

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