The First meeting

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"Hi my name is Aphmau. And I'm suicidal. "I said standing in front of a few people. "Welcome. We are honored to have you. "The guy said. I sat down and another person talked. Then another and a few more then this one guy got my attention. "Hi I'm name is Aaron. And I have anger issues and a few more issues to"he said. "Would you like to share"the man said. "No"Aaron said. He sat down and the man said he has an important thing to say. "Ok. So their are 10 meetings.  This is our first. It is called knowing each other. The second is more getting to know each other. Third is anger. You don't want to be here"he paused. "Fourth depressed. You want to die. "He paused again. "Fifth is denying. You don't think you need to be here"he paused. "Sixth is sadness. You want to disappear. Seventh is madness. You think your going crazy. Eighth is restlessness. You just want to stay up. Ninth is nothing. You just always feel like your nothing. "He paused again. "The tenth is acceptance. You will accept your life. "He smiled. "So the meetings will make you feel that way"Aaron asked. "Yes. Some are hard but I know you guys can work. So I will give you a buddy to help each other. "He got up and pared people. I was with Aaron. I didn't mind. I just wanted this over. "Ok so next week we will learn more about our buddy. See you all next week"he said. I walked out and waited for my mom. "Hey"I heard someone say. I turned and saw Aaron. "Hey. "I said. "So. I guess I'm your partner. See you next week"he said and walked off. My mom got here and we went home. "So how was stage one"she asked. "Fine. Stage two is the same. Getting to know someone to much"I looked at her. She smiled.

What a world I live in

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