Chapter 1

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It is July and Kyana has marching band today. She was excited for today... Or so she thought. So for 4 hours it was the usual. Learning a couple sets and teaching rookies. So during lunch time she wanted to text her boyfriend. He didn't reply back. She was confused but she remembered he said he was going to be busy today. So she didn't worry. At 1 pm she continues with practice til 5, the she eats dinner, then they continue until 8:30.
After she goes home she eats dinner and takes a shower. When she laid her clothes out for tomorrow, she found that her boyfriend, Adam, had hung himself in her closet. She stared balling her eyes out. Her family came into her room and they was shocked at how they didn't notice... And at the fact that he did this. She was devastated that the love of her life had killed himself. He left a note and she and her dad read it.
The note said, "Dear Kyana and her family, I am so sorry that you had to come home and see this. I just couldn't deal with my depression anymore. I cut myself everyday, hoping it would get better. I know you tried your hardest to hide me from my abusive father but we both thought it would eventually get better. And I know I never told you this but he kept telling me to have sex with other random girls. I kept telling him I would only lose my virginity to you. He kept hitting me but I ran away. All of this got me in an extreme state of depression and I couldn't do it anymore. I'm sorry I let you down babe. I'm sorry. But just remember this one thing: I will always love you Kyana Raine Valera.

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