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First let me tell you about Kyana. She is 14, about to be a freshman next month. Her interests are Marching band, singing, dancing, and track. She is very smart and the most popular incoming freshman.
Appearance: She is skinny with a "Kylie Jenner" body. Strong dimples, emerald green eyes, she's a light-skin that's winning ;) and long, curly hair.
Family & Relationships: She lives with her father and has a very strong bond, has a 16 year old sister named Aaliyah, about to be a junior, and a 13 year old brother named Americ (Eric, for short), about to be in the 8th grade. Her best friend, Kaliyah who is 14. And most of all, her boyfriend Adam. But that may not last long...
Now let's get to the story!

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