A Transformation

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Author's note:
This is my first P!ATD fanfiction. Also, this is not connected to Supernatural  (I haven't even seen one episode).
Hope you enjoy the story and feel free to give me feedback.

Brendon hated these nights , the nights when he became a monster. Why did he have to be the spawn of a demon and a werewolf? Werewolves had it easy, they didn't have to change every full moon and the transformation was painless. Demons, on the other hand changed every full moon, but it wasn't very painful because they didn't have to shift the whole body.In this world, there were vampires, werewolves, humans, and demons. Most supernatural beings walked peacefully amongst humans, keeping their existence secret. Vampires didn't burn in the sun and could only be killed if they were stabbed with a stake in the heart and then burned. Werewolves could transform into a normal wolf at will,and a werewolf on full moons. Demons were very rare. They looked normal until they shifted into demon form. In demon form they had red skin, wings, horns, and a tail.

Brendon was born to a werewolf mother and a demon father. His father left his mother after he was born. His mother had thought his father was a vampire. His mother died giving birth to him, and his pack had abandoned him at the doorstep of a human family. He was normal until the age of fifteen, when the first transformation happened. Normally, demons transform the age of thirteen and werewolves change at seventeen.

He was shaken out of his thoughts when he felt a slight pain in his hand. He looked up to see his transformation spot. He raced over to the huge tree. At its base were a set of manacles. He latched one around his neck and one around his leg. Then, the clock struck ten. He stood up, glaring at the moon, cursing its existence when the transformation started.

His hand felt like it was on fire as his nails became claws.  His skin burned as fur sprouted over it. Brendon gritted his teeth, not wanting to waste his voice screaming. His feet were also changing, growing longer, forcing him to stand on the tips of his toes. He could feel the vertabrate in his back popping. He could feel the agonizing sensation of his bones cracking and reforming. He fell to the ground, not being able to stand upright, just in time for huge, leathery wings to sprout. And then his spine lengthened, a huge tail growing in. He could feel his heart slowing as it grew to support his new form. As his internal organs enlarged, his skull morphed into a wolf's. He could feel his teeth sharpening, cutting his lip. Then his whole body grew, completing the transformation. His eyes shut, and when he opened them, they were red and had no pupils. His human mind was gone, replaced with that of a monster.

Fully transformed, he was monstrous. He stood at almost seven feet tall. Huge wings were folded at his sides. Huge spikes ran along his spine, ending at a long tail. His tail was that of a demon's, long and furless. His front paws were still human-like. He had devil horns and his teeth were fangs, curving out of his mouth. His eyes were a vivid red, pupil-less and glowing.

The brute didn't struggled in his chains, instead deciding to lay down. And then he caught sight of a human. A female with black hair. She emerged from behind a tree, walking towards him. She looked familiar to him. From his human self? All he knew is that she was no threat to him. Then, he heard a roar. A huge grizzly bear appeared from the forest, it's eyes fixed on the human. The wolf demon rose to his feet, a snarl rumbling through his chest. The bear rushed towards the human and he leaped forwards, snapping the chains and standing in front of the human. He roared and unfurled his wings. The bear ran. He didn't pursue the bear, knowing it had cubs. He turned around to look at the human. Dark brown met red, then a name popped into his head, Sarah.

"Brendon?" she asked.

Brendon's wolf form

Brendon's wolf form

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