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Hello my name is Courtney and I'm from North Carolina. I lived here since I was born up till about 12 years old. Then we moved to Florida but we will get to that later. My mom left my dad when I was 3 years old, I don't know why but I'm sure it was over money :/ anyways I lived with my dad and my 3 siblings for a while until he met a women and ended up getting married blah blah blah too much to type XD pretty much they got along for a while till I was around 10 then they started sleeping in separate rooms and argued a lot ;-; over stupid things. Finally around 12 years old my dad had enough of her and decided to go to Florida with some family of his till we found our own place. I was a Christian child (lol jk I just wasn't a mean person) and the people we lived with were mean so after a while we moved to my grandmas house and lived in a tent..yes boii a tent. It had like three separate bedroom things so it wasn't bad, she didn't have any room in her house for us but we were welcomed to stay. I finished my 6th grade year there and part of my 7th, then finally we moved to some apartments, let me remind you we were good children we rarely ever did anything wrong but for some reason my older siblings thought it was okay to go rebel against my dad which was dumb asf.. A lot of stuff happened so we moved again to a house our own house, by that time my brother left to NC and sister ran away with friends so it was just me, my little sister and dad. We were happy tbh no drama or messes to clean up everything was good. Till my sister came back then it went to hell again, pretty much arguing every other night..I soon excluded myself from my family and stayed in my room most of the time, I had to much time to think to myself so I was always paranoid and stuff. I didn't have any friends since most of them were in other schools I've been to so it was just me and my Internet friends....yes I know dumb right but it felt like they understood me so I kept chatting with them...a while passed and I started to get more and more depressed because my dad always took his anger and frustration out on me rather than my older sister (eh will finish later if you are interested in reading more let me know and I will finish)

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