Diary Entries and Pervy Nervousness

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  Selphia didn't have anything to gather but some jewelry. Leo waited outside. He looked at Typhlo. Selphia came out and looked at Leo. Leo walked to the holding area of Argo II. Selphia followed, then whistled to Typhlo. He ran over and walked with them. Leo cocked a confused brow."We can't bring him. He's giant. He won't fit on the ship without weighing us down..."He grumbled. She snorted."It's a ship Leo. It can carry him."She argued. "A flying ship!"He retorted. Selphia groaned and rolled her eyes."Fine..."She stopped walking. Leo thought she decided not to go if Typhlo couldn't but then she yanked hard on Typhlo's tail. And he transformed into the staff she held as a weapon from the first day in a flurry of sand."Typhlo was made to be travel convenient, don't look so surprised."She smirked.

  Selphia was unaware that Leo was the one who built Argo II. And she commented how impressed she was. Leo insisted she sleep in his bunk since he didn't "want a goddess to sleep where filth mortals do" and she hated how he emphasized the word goddess. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before."She apologized for the sixteenth time. He just waved it off like he didn't care but she could tell he was genuinely hurt by it. He wasn't sure why.

  Percy insisted they play his pervy version of The Nervous Game when it started to get boring after they began heading for Los Angeles. How it went was that when someone took a turn, they touched any part of any person's body. And if that person became nervous when touched, they had to remove an article of clothing. Selphia was up for it, so was Nico. Leo and Annabeth seemed hesitant. Jason jumped up in excitement when he heard and Piper and Hazel insisted sitting out. They sat in a circle on the front deck in the sun. Selphia looked up and smiled."I sure do miss Uncle Polo."She murmured. Jason's jaw dropped."Uncle Polo? Apollo lets you call him that?"He wheezed. Frank blinked in the background and shook off the silliness of the nickname.

  Percy went first. He placed his hand on Annabeth's stomach. She shook her head. Annabeth put her hand on Percy's head. He shivered then removed his CHB necklace. She smirked and chuckled."Selphia, you next."Percy ordered. Selphia rolled her eyes and placed her hand on Leo's chest. He stared at her hand, so did she. Their breathing became shuddered."Nervous or what, Valdez?"Jason asked. Leo rapidly shook his head."Your flaming hair says otherwise."Annabeth mumbled.

  Leo groaned in frustration and took off his shirt. Jason went next. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes, and at that moment, everyone was afraid of Jason more than they were afraid of the Stolls and their pranks.

  He reached out and put his hand on Selphia's inner thigh, his forefinger and thumb massaging in circles softly. Leo became aggressively triggered when he heard her give a small heated pant. She placed her hand on Jason's somewhat encouragingly. Leo figured it was how experienced Jason was and how good looking he was. Nothing else. She quickly took off her silver pendant, but she didn't let go of it. Jason removed his hand and chuckled triumphantly. She glared at him and covered the blush on her face.

  Annabeth put both of her hands on Nico's thighs. His face was dull, like his emotions. His eyes darted to meet her grey ones and they narrowed. She slowly removed her hands and rolled her eyes. Nico put his hand on her ribs and she took off her shirt. Leo reached over and placed his hand on Selphia's chest like she did him. Then she ended up removing her silk skirt around her jean short shorts. Selphia was at a disadvantage in this game. When she lived in Egypt it was very hot, so she didn't wear lots of clothes. It was either a mere silk cloth chest wrap and shorts covered by a silk skirt, or a silk dress with nothing on under but underwear. So if she got nervous quickly, she'd be stark naked in front of everyone. Thank the gods she had lots of jewelry.

  After a while, Leo and Jason seemed to be the only ones who made Selphia nervous. Selphia declared that she was too uncomfortable, because if she went naked, she would have to show her scar on her back. Percy let her drop out. After a while, Jason and Percy were forced to walk around the ship naked for two hours as a punishment for losing. Of course, Nico won. Selphia chuckled and smiled at him."Good job Nico. It seems impossible to make you nervous."She praised. Nico stared with a numb gaze but his pale face turned red."Only Will can turn me on."He mumbled then walked off in a rush. Leo pulled on his tool belt and his pants, but left off his shirt."You're missing one, Mister Super McSchizzle Bad Boy Supreme."Selphia teased. He shrugged."What? I don't see anything anywhere."He grinned widely.

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