Jobs for the Win

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GENRE: Adult Romance/Humor... 18 + for language & some sexual situations


Hunter was on a strict no dating regime after his last dating fiasco ended abruptly. However, he still found that he believed in the possibility of love so when the beautiful brunette steps into his computer store he feels that the stars have somehow aligned for him but will he and his mystery woman find true love or is it just the hopeless romantic in him wanting something he can't have.

Chapter 1

It has been a slow Saturday at the store, but I know it will be busy soon enough. I run one of the busiest computer software and repair stores in Seattle. Well, I run it with my best friend Gerald. I met Gerald in Junior High when his family moved to Granite Falls from Alabama. Why? I will never truly understand. It's funny too, because even though he has been here since he was 12, he still has a little bit of that southern drawl. We were both computer geeks through junior high and high school but I was also pretty good at football. Okay, I was more than pretty good but that really wasn't my thing. Gerald was the only one who understood that I wasn't comfortable with all the popularity that came from being the star quarterback. I was always happier hanging with him, coming up with new programs and inventing crazy games.

I ended up going to school at the University of Washington on a football scholarship but was injured my second year. I remember it vividly. Everyone was so upset about that but in reality it was the best thing to ever happen to me because it allowed me to study computer programming, which was what I really wanted to do in the first place. It also made it blatantly clear who my real friends were.

Gerald also went to UW to get his computer science degree, so once we graduated we decided to start our own business. We are unique in that we are able to repair both Mac and Windows operating systems. This, of course, keeps us very busy. Now Gerald is our Window's expert while I am a wiz on a Mac, although we are both 100% capable of working on either system. Today though, Gerald is driving me nuts and making me question whether I want to still be in business with him. Okay, that's not entirely true but he is driving me crazy.

"Gerald, really?" I say, exasperated. "Why would you think that Windows 10 would come out and not have any problems?" I ask, flustered at his unwavering devotion to Bill Gates.

"I'm not saying it wouldn't have problems. I'm just saying you are pre-judging it because you are an Apple guy so you automatically assume the worst," he states calmly as he quickly scans several screens on his computer.

"That's because Gates is notorious for bringing stuff out before it's ready, so the software almost always has major bugs in it."

He just rolls his eyes at me as we hear the bells ring, indicating that someone just walked in to the shop. Gerald motions towards the door with his thumb and I turn around to see the most stunning young woman stumble in, trying to juggle her computer bag, which is falling off of her shoulder, and answer her phone at the same time. I hear her huff into the phone.

"I just got here. I'll call you back."

She looks up and our eyes meet and I feel like I stepped into a vortex, some sort of alternate universe, where I am a king and she is my queen and I am filled with a strong desire to get on my knee and present myself to her. She parts her lips ever so slightly as she draws in a long breath. She has the most beautiful mahogany hair flowing wildly around her face and for a moment I am at a total loss for words. I am completely mesmerized as I look into her deep brown eyes and I need to get closer. I am drawn to her, my feet move all on their own accord, until I am standing right before her. Close enough to see the highlights in her hair and the gold flecks in her eyes.

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