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But if by chance you're here alone, can I have a moment, before I go? Cause I've been by myself all night long, hoping you're someone I used to know - When We Were Young by Adele


Adele's soulful voice was playing through my headphones as I organized the shelves of paint. I had always loved Adele, her music is so different from everyone else's, don't get me wrong I love Justin Bieber's music just as much as the next girl but I feel like Adele's lyrics are straight from the heart, like she carefully picked out each word to describe her exact emotion. 

The store had been quite today, only a few costumers came in but none stayed long. Dennis, the man who owns the store is out of town for the next few weeks and I'm the only other person who works here so after school I have to come straight here and work until 8.

After organizing the paint for what seemed like the 100th time I went to break room to sit down for a little. As I sat there scrolling through the endless amount of picture on Instagram I found myself thinking about the curly haired boy who came in early, who I had referred to as grumpy. 

He seemed like the type of person who kept to himself but still was cocky and had a huge ego. He also seemed like he hated everyone and is always pissed off. Normally if I met someone like that I would call them an ass after they left the store and then never think about them again, but he was different. I found myself wanting to know more about him, maybe I should start out with finding his actual name. 


"Come on man, don't be a pussy let's go to a club." 

"No, we did that yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, oh and let's see, the day before that," I told my best friend Liam who was trying to convince me to go to a club with him. 

"Then what do you want to do to, because it's our only day off this month and I don't really feel like spending it in this apartment watching TV." Liam stated.

"We could go see a movie or some shit?" I suggested. 

"Yeah sure let's go," 

I really didn't want to go see a movie tonight, I wanted to use my new paint I had got early maybe have a beer and then go to sleep, but Liam can't fucking sit still for one second, he always needs to be going somewhere and it's quite annoying. 

"You're driving!" Liam yelled from the living room while I was grabbing my shoes from my room.

"Whatever," I replied.

I grabbed a pack of cigarettes before leaving my bedroom because I could already tell I was going to need one later. Once in the car Liam and I decided that we would go see some new scary movie about a demon that tries to kill everyone or something like that I wasn't really listening to Liam while he explained it. 

Of course, the movie theater was packed, like always. But somehow Liam found a way to get us to the front of the line because the girl who was working at the counter where the tickets were sold was some chick who he had hooked up with before. That seemed to happen a lot, but hey I'm not complaining I hate waiting in line anyway. 

On our way to our theater, I noticed the same blond haired girl from the paint store buying popcorn. I was hoping she wouldn't see me because, one I was kind of staring at her and two, she was talkative earlier so she probably still was, but it wasn't my lucky day because just when I was about to tear my gaze away from her she turned around and spotted me staring right at her. Great. 

"Long time no see grumpy," She greeted me.

"Uh, yeah hey," I replied. 

"Did you get to use that paint yet?" She asked popping a piece of popcorn into her mouth. 

"No," I simply replied, I honestly don't know why I'm so rude to her especially after she only charged me 99 cents for the paint.

"Is that all you do?" She questioned.

"What?" I asked.

"Is that all you do, only give one-word answers?" She asked smiling a bit.

"Is all you do talk?" I challenged. 

"I asked you first," She replied smirking. 

"Then fine, I only do it to people who annoy me," I said.

"Hmm, good thing because I talk to annoy people." 

Damn, she's a feisty little thing. 

"Harry, are you coming?" Liam asked interrupting my conversation with... well I guess I don't actually know her name. "Oh, hi sorry to interrupt I'm Liam, Harry's friend," Liam said checking her out, and he wasn't really trying to hide it. 

"Adley." She replied. Adley, I like it. 

"Well nice to meet you Adley, are you going to see the same movie as us?" Liam asked, and I found myself actually hoping she was. What the fuck is wrong with me? 

"Oh no, I'm going to see the new Melissa Mcarthy movie with my friend, who I'm waiting on." 

"That's too bad I would've love to get to know you, maybe another time?" What the fuck Liam you just met her, calm down. 

"Maybe." She said looking back at me, "Well it was nice talking to you guys but I better go, bye Liam, bye grumpy." She said wearing that same fucking smile. That fucking smile that wouldn't leave my head. 

"Bye," I said giving her a slight wave. 

"When did you meet her?!" Liam questioned once we got into the movie. 

"Today, she works at the paint store I go to." 

"Damn, she was hot. Are you trying to get with her?" Liam said shoveling popcorn into his mouth. 

"Nah, she's not my type." Yes, I'll admit it Adley was hot, but I wasn't trying to get in her pants or start a friendship. Was I? 

"Okay, so you won't mind if I go out with her?" Liam asked.

"Go right ahead," I said giving him my approval like she was mine or something. She wasn't mine, I couldn't care less about her. I tried telling myself.

Then why the fuck do I have the urge to punch Liam for wanting to take her on a date?

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I love you all so much. rip Harry's long hair, you will be missed. A lot. Like, alot. BYE BITCHES!!-Olivia

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