It's finally here. The sequel. Are you ready? I'm totally not. It's okay though, because it's here anyway. We'll get through this together. I do warn you, this chapter is a slow start, but it's a first chapter to it. There's more written to it, but I'm going to try and space out my uploads so I'm able to upload everything I'm working on.

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Chapter 1

If I could say one word that described my life, I would have to say: unpredictable. If anything, nothing that had happened in the recent months of my life was really planned. I didn’t plan on becoming the political advisor for the children of the royal family, I hadn’t planned on falling in love with the prince...I hadn’t put being raped and shot on the list either…but those were things I didn’t like to remember. Like I said: unpredictable.

Ever since the beginning of summer, when my life took a drastic turn, I would have to say that I hadn’t been bored. Everything had certainly kept me on my toes, and the adventure hasn’t stopped since.

It was November now, the weather was much colder, and I sat out on the terrace of the palace, once again trying to sort out my wedding ideas. Being engaged to a prince meant that certain things were required of the event, but apart from that I was stumped. I had no idea what I wanted to be honest, and my maid of honor, Christine, was hardly any help. I had no ideas, and she had too many. It was a bad combination to say the least.

Being engaged to a prince…that statement still amazed me. I couldn’t believe that Ian and I had managed to find each other. Though it took a lot of work and we went through our fair share of tribulations, we still somehow made it to this point. At least I’d never forget the day he asked me to marry him, seeing as I was shot mere hours later.

My life was never boring. That’s for sure.

Christine was still my closest friend. I don’t think I’d ever been so close to anyone save Ian or my Aunt Patricia. Being a princess, she was trying her best to work me through some of the things to expect from the press now, which I found hilarious. I loved Christine, but she was the wrong person to take advice from when dealing with the press. There was a reason I was her political advisor. All in all though, she was a persistent maid of honor. She constantly nagged me about not getting on my planning for the wedding. When I didn’t respond to that, she just decided to start planning her own different versions of weddings and bringing the ideas to me. I think it was just stressing me out even more.

If I was honest with myself, I was terrified of this wedding. Not because I didn’t want to marry Ian or I was scared to be a princess, or anything along those lines. The real reason was because ever since I came to this palace, every time something good happened, it was quickly ruined by something terrible. I was scared of enjoying myself too much and dropping my defenses. I guess I had become more and more paranoid since summer’s events…but who could really blame me?

“Lana, I brought you another wedding magazine.” I heard Christine say and I glanced back to see her walking out to my usual spot. I groaned.

“Please not another one. I haven’t even finished with the last three you gave me yesterday.” I complained and she frowned.

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