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The large hall was pretty packed. Crowds of reporters were scattered around, interviewing and filming the celebrities who had shown up for Percy Jackson's celebratory party.

Percy smiled as he shook his good friend - and fellow olympic athlete - Frank Zhang's hand. "Congrats dude." The other athlete said, eyes shining with pride.

"You too, bro." Percy replied.

"But I only came second place in my rounds." Frank said seriously, nodding his head along with his words. "You smashed everyone."

"They didn't even stand a chance." Rachel Dare cut in. She was another one of Percy's friends, and had known him for years. She flashed a white-teeth smile. "Congratulations, Perce." She said.

"Thanks Rach."

"You know, you did pretty well in that swimming competition." Rachel leaned in closer towards him. She was so close, he could see every square inch of fabric on her bright green dress. "Do you think you could do even better in the -"

"Hello everyone!" A voice echoed around the room as somebody spoke into the microphone - a girl, in fact. Rachel pulled away from Percy to smile at her friend and world-famous pop star Annabeth Chase as she stood up on stage.

"So I'm Annabeth - but you probably already know that." A few chuckles were heard around the room as everyone focused their attention on the blonde-haired girl on stage. "Anyway, I'd just like to dedicate this song to the man of the evening, Percy Jackson." Percy smiled at her as they locked eyes. "Congrats on your win. This song is for you."

The band struck up a tune and Annabeth gripped the microphone with both hands.

"How do I get close
When we're stuck in the dark
How do I get close
When we've lost the mark."

All of the news cameras were focused on her. The guests began to sway to the beat as Annabeth sung her latest hit: Victors.

"Well what do I know
I'm just a girl who's out of control
We'll be fine in the morning
When we've won this raging war."

Many of the guests clapped their hands to the beat and belted out the lyrics as the song broke out into the chorus. Percy began to move away from Rachel and Frank towards the stage. When he next glanced back, Frank was with his girlfriend Hazel Levesque dancing to the song.

"We'll be the victors
Everyone standing behind us
Waiting for a chance
To find themselves

"We'll be the victors
Always in the front
Never backing down

"You and I can fight this war
And win it by ourselves
'Cause we'll be the victors
The victors of a war."

Annabeth was still looking at Percy, and they stared at each other as she finished the chorus. For a brief second, Percy felt like they were the only ones in the room.

"How can I win
When only I fail
How can I win
When we're standing miles apart."

As the song continued on, Annabeth kept looking at Percy. He gazed right back, admiring her braided hair and silvery dress. He was hooked onto her amazing voice like it was a drug - not that he did drugs, anyway. Drugs are bad, kids.

"We'll be the victors...
The victors of a war."

And then the song finished, and she looked away.

"Thanks guys." Annabeth smiled. She made her way off the stage and Percy kept heading towards her. It was almost as if she was waiting for him, pushing through the crowd that had gathered around her.

"Hi," she said breathlessly, and Percy was awestruck.

"D - d'ya want to - to grab a drink?" Percy stuttered, so overwhelmed by her just standing in front of him.

"Yeah, a drink sounds good." Annabeth smiled at him, and Percy knew that it was going to be a long night.

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