Chapter 5: Doctor

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Jaylie's POV:
Justin and I loaded the car. I was still in my pajamas because I could move my leg. Justin finally put something on. He was wearing a grey hoodie with a long shirt under it. He wore black ripped up jeans and white Vlados. Justin put me in my car seat.

{ time skip}

Justin's POV
We pulled up to the hospital. I got Jaylie from the car and carried her careful not to touch her leg. We made it up to the front desk. " Hello oh my goodness gracious" the nurse said whispering. I put my finger to my lips signaling her to be quiet. I know I'm famous. " my daughter was found in a ditch and I think she broke her leg.
" alright then I will ring the doctor up here. I need her Full Name
Date of birth
I answered
Jaylie Nicole Bieber
I asked Jaylie her birthday she said
March 1st 2010. Wow same as mine.
She is six years old
" Ok have a seat and I will get back to you on that " said the nurse pointing to Jaylie's twisted around leg. We sat down.
" Do I have to get a cast? " asked Jaylie. In response I said " I don't know hon. You may have to get a storm trooper boot like I did when I was 16. " just then the doctor said " Jaylie Bieber?"
I stood up and everyone noticed me. One girl even started screaming. I ignored it. We walked down the hall and in to a room with a picture of a giraffe on it. Jaylie smiled.

Jaylie's POV
I saw a giraffe and I smiled I love giraffes. Justin sat me down on the big table." Ouchies" I said I landed on my leg. " sorry" Justin said
We waited and it took literally forever. Someone knocked on the door. " hello I am Dr. Jones and you must be Justin obviously." He shook his hand. " and you are?" He asked me holding his hand out for me to shake it. " Jaylie " I said putting my hand in his.  " let's see this leg of yours he said looking at my leg. " let's go get some x-rays." Said Dr. Jones folding out a wheelchair. I got in it and we went in the elevator. Justin stayed behind. " can I take the stairs" he said. " yes I suppose" " meet up by the big red block that says children radiology." Justin nodded. It was just me and dr. Jones.  " how did you break your leg?" I looked at him. " My parents hurt me and Justin found me in a ditch." Oh my goodness " said Dr. Jones. Ding the elevator went.  Dr. Jones wheeled me out and there was Justin. We went into a room with a big table. We met a lady who introduced herself as Dr. Williams. I got  on the big table and Dr. Williams and Dr. Jones explained the rules. (You all know the rules of an x-Ray )
I lay down and held real still. After the x-rays we went back to the giraffe room. Dr. Jones came in and said " well we have some bad news. Your leg is definitely broken." He said showing us the x-Ray ( picture up above) " so what color do you want your cast?"  "ummmmmmm"  I said thinking it through. "Purple". " Alright " Dr. Jones says " I will call up the nurse." He said walking out.  
Guess what? More waiting!!!
Eventually after about a gazillion years of waiting, a nurse named dr. Roy came in with a big tray with wrap and water.  She pulled up my pant leg and started to wrap up my leg. Then came the pretty purple. She put it on me and then we had to wait for it to harden. After that all the doctors and nurses that helped me signed the cast. I even got Justin Bieber's signature on it. Haha. After that the doctor helped me learn how to use crutches. It was hard and frustrating but soon I got the hang of it. I walked out of the hospitals with crutches. We made our way home. I was really tired. We were at the hospital for almost 3 hours. I cuddled up with Justin and Phil with my leg elevated on pillows I took a big long nap.

Longest chapter so far. I have updated like 5 times today. Thanks for reading😇.


Qotd: have you ever broken a bone? If so what was it?

I have never broken a bone and I am proud of that.


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