Red, green, blue, brown and yellow

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It was a hot summer's day and the sound of little feet running could be heard on the pavement in the big garden of the McCartney family.

"Catch me daddy!" Stella giggled loudly while she tried to run away and hide from her daddy.

"I'm gonna catch you baby girl!" Paul warned his strawberry blond little girl in a playful way while running after her.

"Run Stella!" Mary called after little sister while she grabbed her daddy's legs from behind and held them tight.

Paul played that he was tackled by Mary and let himself fall on his back on the ground.

"I got him! I got him!" Mary smiled triumphantly sitting herself down on her father's stomach.

"Ow no!" Paul yelped holding his hand in up in defeat "She got me! Help me Stella!"

Stella came running over quickly towards her sister who was still sitting on Paul's stomach with her arms crossed and a big grin on her face.

"No! Help ME Stella!" Mary smiled while she started to tickle her daddy's sides making him squirm and begging for mercy soon to be joined by Stella who gladly helped her big sister.

Martha, their big fluffy sheepdog came running over and started to run in circles around the three of them while barking and wagging her tail enthusiastically.

"Well Well..." Linda's sweet voice sounded making the two little girls stop tickling their daddy who was using this break gratefully to catch his breath for a moment and wiping the tears and sweat from his reddened face.

The three of them looked up to find Linda standing behind them with baby James on her arm. Heather was standing next to her giggling behind her hand.

"Looks like you girls won again" Linda laughed at the scene in front of her.

"Yes we did mommy!" Mary proudly pronounced giving her daddy one more tickle on his belly making Paul yelp at this sudden movement.

"Would you girls like an ice cream?" Linda asked with a loving smile on her face.

"Yaaaaay!!" The two girls enthusiastically screamed jumping up and down forgetting all about torturing their daddy.

"You girls go ahead to the kitchen. Mommy will follow..." She said and watched their two youngest daughters run away towards the house. Heather followed her sisters to keep an eye on them.

Paul stood back up on his feed and kissed Linda's cheek.

"Thanks for saving me from our terrorising daughters" he smiled at her and stroke his hand over baby James' head.

"How's my little boy doing?" He smiled at James and planted a kiss on his few blond strands of hair.

"Dada!" Little James cackled and held out his little arms to him.

Paul took his almost one year old son from Linda's arms and held him high above his head while spinning around making the little boy giggle out loud.

"Who daddy's big boy?" Paul smiled at his son giggling and laughing out loud above his head holding him tight before pressing him against his chest into a loving hug.

"I'm going to give the girls their ice creams before they break down the kitchen" Linda smiled and stroke her fingers through Paul's thick dark hair "Would you mind to change James' diaper in meanwhile?" She asked with a sweet smile.

"Of course not." Paul smiled and pecked her lips before walking hand in hand with her towards the home followed by Martha.

Upstairs while Paul was wiping James' little bum clean, he felt someone pulling at his pants. When he looked down, he saw Stella staring up at him with her big blue eyes and holding a strawberry ice cream in her hand.

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