Chapter 21

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I awake to Calum carrying me towards the nursery. "Good morning baby girl." He says and kisses my cheek. I giggle and smile at him.

He carries me to the changing table and changes me into a pink and white poka dotted swimsuit after putting a swim diaper on me.

He picks me up and goes downstairs where the boys are packing suitcases into the car. "Where are we going?" I ask Calum as he buckles me in my car seat.

He winks and smiles. "It's a surprise baby, be patient." He chuckles and slips my pacifier into my mouth.

Ashton gets in the driver's seat with Luke next to him and Calum and Michael on either side of me.

We stop by McDonald's and get breakfast. Michael and Calum take turns feeding me while we drive.

We listen to music and Calum and Michael make silly faces at me on our short ride wherever we're going.

Ashton pulls into a parking lot and gets out, getting our suitcases. Calum holds my hand while we cross the street and go into a fancy looking hotel.

 Calum holds my hand while we cross the street and go into a fancy looking hotel

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Ashton goes up to the front desk while the boys and me stay behind. He comes back to us and leads us to our room.

When we get to the room, Calum picks me up places me on the bed and turns on the TV. The boys unpack then we go to the car again.

"Almost there baby!" Ashton says from the driver's seat. I wait in anticipation and stare out the window.

We pull up to Aquatica ( for those of you who don't know, Aquatica is a big waterpark.) I gasp and bounce in my seat, the boys laughing at how excited I am.

As I get out, I notice security guards all around the park and I look at Ashton questionly. "We reserved the park to ourselves so no one questions who you are." He explains.

I nod and he picks me up, heading toward the entrance. We go in and sit down on beach chairs, getting on sunscreen.

After, we go on a lot of water slides and play in the pool. After, the boys lay out while I play in the sand.

A few hours later we head back to the hotel and get ready for bed. Calum undresses me and puts a fresh nappy and a long sleeved blue onesie on me.

He lays me down on the bed and Calum and Michael lay on either side of me and kiss my forehead. Ashton and Luke come out from the bathroom and also kiss my forehead.

"Goodnight princess, we love you." They say and get in the other bed together. The last thing I hear is the sound of the TV being turned on before I'm asleep.

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