Ice Skating

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Mark's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn't the hottest guy in the world, but I wasn't the most average either. My dyed-red hair was ruffled and untamed, the dark blue v-neck I had thrown on was a little tight, but still fit just fine, and my jeans... well they were just jeans. I pushed up my glasses, making sure they were in place.

I stared at the words on the back of my hand. They read something that meant nothing to anyone else except me and one other person. Those words, etched it black ink, echoed in my mind every time I looked at myself.

Can You See Me?

I had no clue how or when it would happen but I knew it would. Someday I would meet that special someone and that phrase would be the first words I hear from them. And I would say the words that have been with them since their birth.

I sighed and turned away from the mirror. I exited my bathroom and headed towards the front door. I threw my coat and grabbed my ice skates on before heading outside. The cold air nipped at my cheeks, I could feel them turning rosy. I shivered and walked down the road to a nearby forest.

I walked in silence the whole way there. I sorrowfully listened to the banter of the happy people who heard the words on their skin. All I wanted was to know what I was going to say to them when I finally met them. What do they look like? Who are they?

I sighed as I entered the forest. My frown turned to a smile as I noticed the way the light shown through the trees onto the ground. At least nature brought me some happiness.

I sang to myself as I walked down to the frozen lake. I took the ice skates I had brought with me from around my neck and fastened them to my feet. I tested the ice to make sure it was safe. Once I found it was solid, I stepped on and began gliding around the lake.

I smiled as I skated across the ice, weaving by couples and groups of children. But alas my happiness was short lived...

I heard a large crack and what sounded like the splintering of wood. I looked down and saw the ice was starting to crack. My heart sped up and I tried to get away, but I felt the ice give way and I fell into the lake.

I screamed as the frigid water consumed me. I tried to scream again but the water flooded into my mouth. I reached upwards, looking for anything to grab onto, but there was nothing but the sharp edges of floating ice. My vision began to fade and everything became muffled.

"This is it. I'm dying..." I said in my head.

The last thing I heard was a voice calling through the darkness and a shadow above ice.

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