Words and Ice Skating

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Mark’s POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t the hottest guy in the world but I wasn’t the most average looking guy in the world. My dyed red hair ruffled and untamed, the dark blue v-neck I dawned was a little tight but still fit just fine, my jeans well they were just jeans. I pushes up my square glasses making sure they were in place

I stared at the words on the back of my hand .  They read something that meant nothing to anyone else except me and one other person. The words echoed in my mind every time I looked

at myself.

“Can You See Me?”

I had no clue when or how it would happen but I knew it would. Someday I would meet that special someone and they would say those words to me, and I would say the words that have been with them since birth.

I sighed and threw my coat on before heading outside. The cold air nipped at my cheeks. I shivered and walked down the road to a nearby forest. I walked in silence the whole way there. Looking down at the ground. Hearing the banter of the happy people who heard the words on their skin. All I wanted was to know what I was going to say to them when I finally met them. What they looked like. Who they were.

I sighed as I entered the forest. Smiling at the way the light shown through the trees onto the ground. I sang to myself as I walked down to the frozen river.

I took out the ice skates I had brought with me. I tested the ice to make sure it was safe.

I smiled as I glided across the ice. Alas my happiness was short lived as I felt the ice break underneath me.

I screamed as the frigid water consumed me. I tried to scream again but the water flooded into my mouth. I reached up to try and pull myself out. I grabbed something but I didn't know what it was and tried to use it to pull me up. Instead I pulled it down, it looked to be a large log. It hit my head and I knew I was gonna black out or… die. If I didn't get help. My senses started to fade. My eyes shut and I let out a breath into the ice cold water.

The last thing i remember hearing was a voice saying .


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