•I wish i could remember•

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(so this is my new Bucky fanfic book and here is my first story there is going to be more than one part and i hope you enjoy x)
-Bucky barnes imagine aftet tws, bucky joins the avengers team and everyone is helping to try and get buckys memories back, you use to be his wife back in 1940's but why wont you tell him -

You sat awake at 2:30am watching the storm outside aluminate the sky, memories of you and Bucky flashing through your mind remembering the good old days. As a crack of thunder pulled you out of your thoughts you came to the conclusion that sleep wasn't an option so you decided to head down to the living room(but more like movie theatre as tony decided to go a bit over the top lol).
As you walked in you could see the silhouette of Bucky sitting on the sofa.
You made yourself a tea and sat next to him, you two were close but he defiantly meant more to you than you did to him i mean you don't blame him he lost his memories and doesn't remember you but it still hurt to watch the one you love so dearly not know who you are every time he looks at you.
"Hi Buck" you said quietly as if,if you made too much noise you'd scare him off.
"..oh hi Y/N sorryy i didn't see you come in i was too ingrosed in my thoughts" he said with a little chuckle at the end "what are you doing up?" he asked "the storm kept me awake, i'd normally just stay in bed but i figured that i wasn't gonna get anymore sleep, why are you up buck?" "Nigthmare" he spoke softly "ohh buck I'm sorry, are you okayy"  "yeah im fine now, just thinking trying to piece my life together" i smiled sadly.
It killed me inside to be so close to him yet so far away all i wanted to do was scream all these feelings i just wanted to share with him and memories i just wanted to tell him about but i couldn't bring myself to do it what if he didn't feel like that anymore? what if it was too much for him and freaked him out?,oh why did things have to get so complicated?.
I didn't realise Bucky was still talking to me until he shouted my name "y/n,y/n......Y/N" "oh sorry buck i zoned out what were you saying" "nothing it doesn't matter but  i think you should go back to bed though doll you look tired" my heart fluttered as he called me doll its been so long since he's spoken those words to me "yeah i do feel quite tired, night buck" i said walking away.

~Flashback (1940's before the war) ~
"Jamesss Buchanan barnes put me down at once" y/n said as she giggled, oh how i loved the sound of her laugh it could brighten up my day in seconds "Neverrrrr" I said in an evil tone laughing as well as i ran across the park with her flung over my back.
I came to a stop and set y/n down on the grass, i stared at her in content memorising all her features, she was the most beautiful creature i had ever seen "Buckyyyyyy stoppp your staring" she said with a little giggle looking away as she started blushing "I'm not I'm just simple admiring the beautiful view"
~End of flashback~
who, wait what? she looked exactly like y/n but it cant of been she would of told me if we use to know each other and Steve would of said something as well right?.
I got off the sofa and headed down the hall to my room, i tried to push the throughts to the back of my mind as i figured i only knew part of the story, but no matter how hard i tried i kept wandering who this girl was and why she looked so much like y/n.

(Ooooooo part 2 will be up soon let me know what you think :) xx)

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