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Ashton Butler POV

I slam on my breaks as a quick reaction
She then gets out her car and walks to my window then taps on it.
I roll my window
"May help you?" I ask
"Yes you can, stop following me you creep!"
"But I was-"
Before I can finish she storms of and gets her truck. Before she can move her car i speed infront of her and pull into my driveway.

Sammy POV
Once i get in my car i see her pull up to the house next to mine..
I then pull into my drive way and get out my car.
I stare at her in awe as she flashes me a smile and winks before walking in her door.
As i get out my shower and enter my room i turn on my beats pill and blast YFN Lucci Know No Better.
I put on a nike sports bra and some shorts then some nike socks and slides.

Ashton POV
I try to sleep over the music blasting and my mom screaming at my dad like always. In frustration i go next door and bang on the front door 3times before i hear footsteps coming.
"what is it?" Sammy says narrowing her eyes at me.
I couldn't help but stare at her smooth six pack and V line.
"you like something you see?!"
I jump in embarrassment and firmly say "Turn-It-Down" she rolls her eyes and slams the door in my face as i turn around and walk back to my window.

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