Return of the jedi

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Allison- Kira wake up Kira hello wake up!

Kira- w what's going on where am I ?

Allison - far away from any one or anything

Kira- why did you bring me here?

Allison- for him

Kira- who is him ? 

Allison- you'll see soon very soon


Lydia- Scott you seen Kira

Scott- no

Lydia- she said she would be here anytime soon

Scott- what if something happened to her

Liam- her sent the keno signal is like pain and suffering

Scott- we need to go now!

The pack all followed Scott where Scott followed her sent which was strong when they found Kira's car she was not there

Malia- where did she go

Scott - I um don't know

Stiles- guys look blood on the ground and on the shovel

Malia- she was hit by someone

Stiles- but who hit Kira and what do they want with her

Lydia- no time for questions we need to find her now not later now

Scott- Lydia's right we need to find her now

Stiles- I will call my dad

Everyone was questioning who the person who kidnapped Kira was they needed to find out fast before time ran out before someone died.

Scott- hey stiles where do think she is

Stiles- somewhere far from here that's all I know

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