Chapter 18

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When i hold my baby for the first time, i instantly fall in love with her. Our little baby girl. She is so tiny and beautiful. I've never seen Peeta happier. But i feel something, i feel something is wrong.

Peeta is the greatest father ever. When our little girl grows up, she becomes more and more beautiful and smart, i am always with here, taking care of her. But i feel something, i feel something is wrong.

When our baby gets 12 years old, Peeta and i are dreading of the Reaping day. When Effie Trinket stands on the stage, picking a name, my heart stops. When she reads my child's name, i scream so hard i feel like my lungs blew up, i scream so hard it feels like my heart explode. I see how peacekeepers are dragging her away, away from me, away from everything.

They are already on the Arena, the countdown begins... 5...4...3...2...1... Let the Games beg-

I scream and wake up. Thank God! I am fully covered with sweat, i am panicked, i still couldn't get out of the dream. It's because of our talk about baby yesterday. I am more terrified now about having a child. I hold my hair and scream again, sobbing. The curtains are closed and don't let the light come in. It's too dark in the room to find anything. I try to find Peeta's warm body next to me, i need his reassurance, but there's no one here and it makes me paranoid.

"Peeta!" i scream his name, hoping he will come. "Peeta!"
In one minute, Peeta shows up at our bedroom door, looking confused.

"You okay Katniss?"

"No no no, please come to me." i hold up my hands like a baby waiting someone to pick me up.

He layes next to me and holds me tight.

"Another nightmare?" he asks, his voice, low.

"The worst one," i say wiping tears. "i dreamed about our child being chosen for the Hunger Games." he tightens his grip.

"It's just a dream, nothing more. A stupid dream, nonsense. There's no more Hunger Games, you know that. You ended up this horrible Games, just try to calm down." he starts brushing my hair with his fingers.

"Where have you been? I woke up and you were not here, i panicked."

"I... Uhh... I went downstairs." i want to ask him why, but i smell something burnt. "Shit" Peeta whispers and stands up quickly.

"Ummm... I'll be back soon." he runs down the stairs. What is he baking at, wait what's the time? Ah, at 6 a.m? My curiosity gives me strength and i stand up and go to the kitchen.

"Peeta, what are you baking?" the kitchen smells horrible, really, really horrible.

"Damn!" Peeta says, leaning the counter. "I was baking a birthday cake."

"A birthday cake?" i am confused. He laughs when he sees my face.

"Yes a birthday cake. It's May 8. I wanted to finish it before you'd wake up." Hell, I totally forgot my birthday. He holds up a half burnt cake and smiles.

"I wanted to make it grandiose, but anyway, happy birthday my love, my queen of the revolution, queen of Panem, queen of selflessness and queen of my heart." i blush and kiss him full on the lips.

"Thank you," i tell him, biting a half burnt cake.

"It's early, let's go back to the bedroom." he says, kissing me and pulling me with him.

"But i don't want to sleep." i groan.

"Who told you to sleep?" he grins and his eyes start to sparkle. I laugh and blush. He picks me up.

"Ah, Peeta, put me down, we're gonna fall!" I push him playfully, but he does not put me down until we are on our bed.

"I love you so damn much." he whispers. My nightmare and all the bad things goes away with his every kiss, every touch...

Happy birthday Katniss Everdeen, the girl who changed my life <3

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