are you a student?

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i feel like this is a random and main topic to discuss

idek if ur a student or not, but if u are, keep reading . . .

this is important.

don't burn yourself out

take some time off for yourself,

get yourself a reward right now,

whatever you want to do.

because you need it.

grades are not everything,

they determine your report card,

they determine how your parents see you,

they determine your status in education,

they determine how you see yourself,

but they are not everything.

 in the end,

they are just numbers.

yes you can work hard for it,

strive hard for your goals,

your accomplishments,

but if it reaches the point where it keeps you up late at night,

where you stress and cry over it,

where you get cranky everyday to wake up to another day of tests, homeworks, quizzes,

where it makes you unhappy,

please do take some time off for yourself.

health is more important than grades.

yes you might sleep late due to homework and tests

but if you think about it,

when is the last time you ever sleep early?

health last a lifetime

while numbers do not


do your best 


don't burn yourself out


who always sleeps in the morning instead of night, who spends most of her day studying at school and when she comes home, she spends her day studying again

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